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De todo un poquito
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25 Responses to “My Bushcraft Tools – Herramientas Bushcraft”

  1. KatJaguar1122 says:

    You like quality sir !

  2. alex padilla says:

    estaria bien salir de capmping vivo enb eldf

  3. ApacheSunKings says:

    Hi, the Roselli knife and the Axe have custom sheaths made by the same sheath maker. I bought the items a set from a fellow knifeforums member and I don’t know the name of the maker thou. thanks for watching.

  4. trafficjuzz says:

    a really nice sheath for the roselli carpenter…did you make it yourself?

  5. losmellicustom says:

    Al chiquito de cuello, con el mango negro…

  6. ApacheSunKings says:

    I use a mix of Turpentine, boiled linseed oil and bees wax, it gives a really nice finish and it protects the wood really good.

  7. ApacheSunKings says:

    a cual te refieres?

  8. losmellicustom says:

    03:46 de que material es el mango este cuchillo?

  9. richiebraz says:

    Nice collection. Did you stain the axe handle or is it just from using linseed oil?

  10. deepwoodsprepper says:

    none of these knives look used or fire steals

  11. CanItAlready says:

    Very nice. 

  12. Taud says:

    ahh i see so its a specific style in which the sheathe is supposed to be very long and cover that much?

    interesting, i dont know much about eastern European blades

  13. ApacheSunKings says:

    that style of sheath is called Scandi or Scandinavian, scandinavian knives go deep into these long sheaths, in my opinion they look really nice, they are simple, unique and they do their job very well, I love scandi knives, thanks for your comment.

  14. Taud says:

    why are the sheathes so large? it took you a long time to try and pull it out because it covers too much of the handle?

  15. ApacheSunKings says:

    Muchas Gracias por el comentario y por ver los videos, saludos..

  16. romeomusttolove says:

    Tienes una bella colección de cuchillos, te felicito.

  17. ApacheSunKings says:

    Thank you very much for you kind words, take care!

  18. blackthorn1975 says:

    Beautiful collection.

  19. atokombeled says:

    Thanks for the answer! :)

  20. ApacheSunKings says:

    it is a custom sheath designed to match the Roselli carpeter sheath, thank you for your words…

  21. atokombeled says:

    You have a very good taste, sir! :)
    The Wetterlings hatchet and the Roselli Carpenter are beautiful tools.
    A question about the hatchet: is that the factory sheath for the Wetterlings or a custom? It looks like a well made piece.

  22. ApacheSunKings says:

    the Ray Mears knife is a very well crafted knife, the knife maker put a lot of attention to detail, the handle feels great and it blends perfectly with the wood, I haven’t seen any quality issues yet, thanks…

  23. MyPoison77 says:

    do you feel like the woodlore in the handel the tang is sticking out just a little bit from the handel?? please let me know!!!! thanks bro
    Gracias Daniel!!!

  24. ApacheSunKings says:

    that is the flexcut carving jack knife, if you want to see it in action check this youtube account HillsnHollers446, here he shows how to carve a woodspirit stick with this knife, it is a very fun knife for carving…thanks.

  25. deanznz says:

    that is a beautiful collection, can I ask what is the name of the pocket knife type tool ? and is it for wood carving ?

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