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Antique Japanese carpentry axes, special woodworking tools ono and masakari. These arrived from my Japanese carpenter friends in a parcel this week.
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  1. AhnkoCheeOutdoors says:

    Those axe are quite awesome. My grandfather was a lumberjack in Japan pre WWII, wish I had one of his axes.

  2. gagalmg says:

    where R you man ? i’m comin now, LOL

  3. robinturns says:

    My woodworking friends in Japan collected them for me. Compared to European tools Japanese tools are very expensive but they are hand forged and very good.
    They are for carpentry work, particularly squaring beams. If you look at my other vids you will see on called hewing the Japanese way showing how they are used.

  4. davechallen says:

    How did you acquire all these Robin? Great collection!

  5. hobbexp says:

    japan axes ? a littel unique shape on them. i really like to see them in action.


  6. psychodelicdragon says:

    cool tools, are they your collection?
    how much are they worth?
    great looking axes there!!
    what age are they?
    what specific job do they perform?
    are they for splitting previously cut logs?

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