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Minecraft – The Enderman Zombie

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses to “Minecraft – The Enderman Zombie”

  1. Rudy Townsend says:

    Wasn’t that a normal enderman?

  2. Exsplosiveman says:

    I’ve seen video where zombie is holding a block.

  3. dudesuperlame says:

    What!!!! I have I mine in my house exactly like that!!!!’n EXACTLY!!!!

  4. MinecraftMaster92 says:


  5. Fawdz says:


  6. Griffinators1 says:

    i mean enderman copy the sounds of a zombie

  7. pizzadude20001 says:

    Now that you know it, adbonen a world if too much “glicthed” creepers or endermen come

  8. Griffinators1 says:

    no enderman just copy the sounds of an Enderman

  9. That0neTro11 says:


  10. bmnccrazed says:

    its just a regular enderman they have the same sound as zombies

  11. Stefan milnovenovecinco says:

    you must kill them if you see their eyes

  12. Stefan milnovenovecinco says:

    do not look in their eyes they travel from side to side and called enderman you can pass by them and can not look at them

  13. justinpatrick1011 says:

    Yeah, They Can Also Die In Sunlight Like Skeleton & Zombie.

  14. UltraSokedon says:

    they get hurt if they fall in water… i tested it, they die

  15. z6achminer says:

    i only get the purple ones D:

  16. imXeRiC says:

    nice vid! : ) TTTT!

  17. MinecraftMaster92 says:


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