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This tool can replace an axe, a pickaxe, a shovel, a hoe and a sword… and can cut leaves like shears too. The durability and strength of the tool is based on the material used, same goes for the regular tools in Minecraft. No extra power, just a multiple tool in 1. Updated versions here : Older version (for Minecraft 1.7.3) : INSTALLATION : You need to install ModLoader first. Then put the zip file of this mod into the “mods” subfolder (create one if it doesn’t exist yet) of your Minecraft folder (Windows : “%appdata%/.minecraft” ). FAQ – I don’t like the look of this tool! Well, good for you because it’s the mod I’ve made and I’ve decided that this multitool item will looks just like that. – There is already multitool mods. I know, I’ve seen one that looks like a swiss-knife. So…? I’m not forcing you to use my mod, I’m proposing you one. It’s up to you to try it or not. – Why using mossy cobblestone? Because mossy cobblestone is not used in any recipes and I wanted to create an idea that needed one to be crafted. Because mossy cobblestone is relatively rare, making a multi-tool would be difficult enough to be generaly accepted by Minecraft players to be used in their games. – Why using diamonds? For the same reason in the tools already in the game can be crafted with diamonds. You can use also 2 wooden planks, 2 cobblestones, 2 iron ingots, or 2 gold ingots. The multitool will be less durable if you use
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19 Responses to “Minecraft Mod – MultiTool by NewColeco”

  1. Deborah Taylor says:

    then you should see obsidian tools they are crazy they break obsidian in like 1 sec

  2. Jarred Jenkins says:


  3. 123SuperDonkey says:

    Way to over powered

  4. Shawn Wang says:

    ARe yOu a GirL?

  5. matthew morales says:

    you can multiply your inventory by two by
    1. drop something from your inventory and press save and quit in pause menu
    2. go back to server pick up your items then exit out of minecraft
    3. go back on and enjoy your duplacates

  6. newcoleco says:

    Listen : the recipe is based on the average of all the iron tools which includes : sword (2), shears(2), shovel(1), pick(3), axe(3), hoe(2). the average is 2 iron ingots, since this multitool can be used as any of these tools, it’s normal that it costs about the same, not the total but the average, because it doesn’t last more than a regular tool, and using it as a shovel costs more, using it as a sword cost a mossycobble more, using it as a pick cost 1 iron less… got it?

  7. SanitiseYourMind says:

    Err.. What? Mossy Cobblestone is not rare… Dungeons are kinda rare true, but there is at least a few in every cave system.. and each of those has 20 or so mossy cobblestone…

    ALSO if you make multitool you wouldn’t use it for shoveling coz that would waste it’s durability… you’d use a shovel coz it’s cheaper

  8. newcoleco says:

    No, and I’ll tell you why you’re wrong. if you use this tool strictly like a shovel, you’ll use 2 diamonds for this tool instead of just one for a shovel. Any mossy cobblestone isn’t that easy to find. So tell me, why should it be at least 5 or 6 diamonds? to me, your suggestion makes no sense

  9. SanitiseYourMind says:

    Multitool is WAAAY too cheap to make… should be at least 5 or 6 diamonds

  10. ISpica55 says:

    Let’s make a tool that is super easy to make and destroys the meaning of the other tools :D


  11. newcoleco says:

    My guess is that unpredictable results may occurs if you uninstall any mod while still in-use. I’ve never experienced the side effect you’re talking about, but thanks to let me know that there might be an issue. Based strictly on the code, multitool is just an extra tool item; this mod doesn’t modify anything else including actual tools already in the game or in other mods.

  12. cryptomatic7 says:

    Hey, I like this mod but I need some help? When I uninstalled this mod, my tools seem to break things faster. It seems like it has the same breaking speed as the diamond multitool.

  13. newcoleco says:

    So far, I’ve made 4 mods for Minecraft : one as “multifunctionality” tool, one as multiple recipes that can be handy, and two NPC (Non-player character). I still have to experiment with blocks and entities, and learn how to add custom sounds.

  14. mrpotatohead34 says:

    so you made these?

  15. newcoleco says:

    All my Minecraft mods so far can’t run on a server simply because it’s based on ModLoader which is a patch for the client software. I still didn’t try the devkit to make bukkit plugins which somehow will allow the multitool to exist, to be crafted and used in a multiplayer game as well as a single player game.

  16. strictlysega says:

    can it work on the server/

  17. TylursVideo says:


  18. Chris Copeland says:

    I can’t help but be reminded of the Billy Mays commercials as you show the regular tool compared to your tool. Now you just have to say “But wait, there is more!”

  19. Alex Shynkarenko says:


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