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Mach5 Snipez and Mach5 Campz return for episode 5 of the series ‘How to Survive The First Week’, in this episode Diamond tools will be built and the production of a wheat farm will commence. Don’t forget to send us any challenge maps you have found, so we can feature them in the new series beginning on 23rd of May. Be sure to Comment Rate & Subscribe

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7 Responses to “Minecraft – How to Survive The First Week | Ep. 5 The Farm”

  1. Nhi Le says:

    to my server

  2. Nhi Le says:

    im building something in minecraft and im going to invite u later and im not done yet ok

  3. TheBlaze290 says:

    can you play it online

  4. super5437 says:

    ill grav your wood YOK

  5. Trollz4Lollz says:

    episode 5 aledy sweet
    did you get my map btw i wana see you guys play it?

  6. firehill56 says:

    i would love to play smp with you two :P

  7. SgtPwnz says:

    Thanks my bed is working now, i just have my room upstairs.
    good vid too.

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