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Quality Carpenter Tools Will Help You Create Masterpieces

Sorry i know i forgot alot here they are Hoe: Place sticks like i did with the pickaxe and fill the top left corner and the space to the right of that. Storage box: In your craft box, with wood, fill up every square with wood EXCEPT the center Furnace: Fill Up every square with cobblestone in your craft box EXCEPT the center Door: You can also make doors out of iron ingots Arrows: A single piece of flint on top. A stick in the middle. And a feather on the bottom. CHECK OUT THIS KID SUBSCRIBE TO HIM HES A BAMF! –
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25 Responses to “Minecraft – All tools, weapons, and miscellaneous items tutorial – YourMinecraftNeeds”

  1. smurff326 says:

    What about a minecraft guns.

  2. megaman7787 says:

    Do one on 1.2.5

  3. yzbeast2 says:


  4. Cloxaau says:

    Hey faggot, half the items in the game didn’t exist when he made the video.

  5. sunshine12456 says:

    Furnace bed

  6. FliptasticR0ckss says:

    dude chill… and why so caps :L

  7. minijedwards4 says:

    And you forgot half of youre barin,the video is fucking awsome,Yeah good to know youre gay,You dont gave to repeat in like 12 times,Bicht.

  8. Dimitar Dinev says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAAHAHHAAH helmet from cabble ston and wood . NOOB

  9. mariofans50 says:

    What the hell you bastard!  How do you think the maker feels and what if the wiki was shut down!? THIS VIDEO!!!

  10. EnderSteve1 says:

    this was before 1.0.0 idiot

  11. jaycob saechao says:

    wheres tha hoe

  12. Truman Irion says:

    Oh also the commenters he’s only in alpha so nether end and I think cake don’t exist

  13. Truman Irion says:

    Forgot to make a bed furnace chest and hoe but good for beginers

  14. bobby hubbard says:

    hey i think this was not helpful but i think it would be good for beginners so…. change the TITLE

  15. MiniFriik says:

    Kill spider.

  16. bradley bidwell says:

    wher do u get string from

  17. xflawsinx says:

    360 version is the best

  18. sharawaa says:

    how you find lots of golds?

  19. tristanveg says:

    Very very very helply

  20. EpicBoss981 says:

    Very helpful thanks for making it bro

  21. Andrew Ciliberto says:

    this was by far the most helpful video i have watched for minecraft. it helped me make so many more things. thanks

  22. gearsofmarco12 says:

    U forgot the furnace.

  23. adam wickens says:

    You did not tell us how to make an end porthole!

  24. joespeed52 says:

    Dude you can’t make stone armor you dolt

  25. Wund4z says:

    I love how cunts like you predict what other people look like just to try and offend them, when really they just sound like complete faggots. Like you. Pathetic, stop spending your time ‘trying’ to insult people and maybe go outside. The beach is a good place, you probably havnt heard of it.

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