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Making Hand Screw Clamps, Part 4

Video 4 of 4. Read about them here:

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25 Responses to “Making Hand Screw Clamps, Part 4”

  1. jpheisz says:

    I can be constructive to hear different ideas and points of view. I’m not offended when someone suggests a different way of doing something, as long as they are valid and well thought out.
    I don’t have much time for guys that assume they know more or have done more than I have, without ever meeting me or showing some of their superior work as an example, A rule of thumb for me is that most of the guys that actually know better don’t comment here – they are too busy doing there own projects.

  2. loduck says:

    Dont know why people cant just thank you and quit being si judgemental…. As a new woodworker i appreciate your demonstrations

  3. jpheisz says:

    I thought about using plastic insert lock nuts but have had them loosen up on other things, so didn’t try them. The good thing about jam nuts is they are very unlikely to loosen. They are a lot cheaper too.
    Permanent thread locker on a single nut would possibly work also, but that’s a tricky operation.

  4. Digger725 says:

    could you not have used lock nuts rather than two normal nuts, or am i over looking a flaw that you found out whilst putting them together?

  5. jpheisz says:

    Good idea! Thanks for watching.

  6. BackyardWoodworking says:

    I like it. I think I’ll use a dodo blade to make the 3/4″ holes in the sides just take them apart and cut out 3/8″ off each side put them together and you have your 3/4″ by 1 1/2″ slot.
    Thanks great video.

  7. jpheisz says:

    It’s not often I’m accused of over-complicating something, and having it hinted that I’m not “smart enough” is fairly rare as well.

  8. ronin4711 says:

    My fellow woodworker, nice work however, you over complicated the whole process,
    it is not necessary to cut the jaws in half, if you smart enough, you can fit the nuts on the bolts with the pipe in the middle and skip the cut in half!
    Second, a cross pin drilled and inserted in the handle will help when that poly adhesive will dry up and it’ll start spinning loose.

  9. jpheisz says:

    That miter box is a throw-away and won’t be troubled by the shellac.
    Thanks for watching.

  10. ricglos says:

    Wont putting the clamp on your miter box while shellacking it , gum up the grooves on the miter box, or is it just a temporary tool?

  11. jpheisz says:

    If this were a bigger nail gun, and not a pin nailer, my fingers would be well clear. I do know what you are talking about, how the nail can curl outwards – I’ve seen it happen many times. The pin that this nailer shoots is too short to reach the edge from where I’m using it.
    Thanks for your concern and advice!

  12. FuhrerKaiser says:

    Nice clamps i´ll do it.

  13. deezynar says:

    OK, great. I must’ve missed it when I went thru your channel. I’ll look again, thanks.

  14. jpheisz says:

    Yes, I made ten of those a while back. They are ok but my newer design is much better – that one is on my site (can’t post link here).

  15. jpheisz says:

    I just hit them a couple times with the grinder.

  16. deezynar says:

    Hey, did you make those slick looking red bar clamps?

  17. deezynar says:

    I understand the 20/20 hindsight thing. I’ve smacked myself in the head many a time for not thinking something out better before I got started. If I totally botch something up, I call it prototype #1 and give it another shot.
    If you say the adhesive holds the handles securely, I believe you. I like the idea of cleaning the rods w/ lacquer thinner. How do you rough them up?

  18. 999skipper says:

    I’ve enjoyed watching this build. You have more patience than I and it shows in the final product. Really nice looking clamps. Thanks.

  19. jpheisz says:

    Good points about making them longer and cutting after they were put together. I would probably do things differently, if I were to make these again – it’s difficult to see everything before hand (the old hindsight is 20/20 thing).
    I’ve glued a lot of stuff with that adhesive and nothing has failed yet, so I expect these will hold up. Not shown was where I roughed up the rod where the handles are and cleaned them with lacquer thinner to improve adhesion.

  20. deezynar says:

    I love this design, it’s very clever. If you made the jaws a little longer to start, the rear-most screw used to hold the halves together can go thru wood that gets sawn off when you’re done, it’d look a little nicer. Also, I think I’d wait until after gluing the halves together before I cut the taper and the rear screw off. That way the screws can be used to align and clamp the halves together for glue up. One question, do the handles ever slip? I’d be worried a handle would break loose.

  21. startreking2007 says:

    That is the strangest screw I have ever seen, although it looks like a great clamp.

  22. jpheisz says:

    How much money? Not much – websites are fairly cheap to set up and maintain. Work, on the other hand, there’s lots of, especially if you are going to keep the content fresh.

  23. MaDeuce80 says:

    None the less a good project to gain experience with, hey quick question. How did you go about setting up your website and how much?

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