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Making A Woodworking Vise, Part 4 Of 11 Part 4 of my homemade quick release woodworking vise build.


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10 Responses to “Making A Woodworking Vise, Part 4 Of 11”

  1. BrushCountryJamboree says:

    MiCompre is 100% correct about drilling the piece on the lathe and you piece would not be off centered.

  2. jpheisz says:

    The way you are describing is a good alternate, and probably a lot more accurate, but would take a bit longer. First, I did a spindle turning, not a faceplate turning. Second, I’d need to pull the chuck from my drill press to use, since I don’t have a dedicated one for the lathe. Third, even if the hole was 100% perfect, it still was just slightly bigger than the rod, so it may not have turned out to be a better result.

  3. MiCompre says:

    I am puzzled. If you turned the boss on a face-plate in your lathe, why didn’t you use the tail-stock to drill through it longitudinally. Then the hole would have been dead concentric with the boss. You could have parted it off, and then put it in a cradle, under your drill-press, to drill for the vice ‘Tommy-bar’. No criticism, just curious as to why.. Regards and thanks.

  4. tim5067 says:

    wood is being wood and drillpress is being drillpress XD XD XD XD XD

  5. synapse131 says:

    I like your version of a tail vise in the workbench. Another great idea! Thanks.

  6. groggycl says:

    I hear you! I am 26 years and never bought a pc case or any kind of furniture for myself xD

  7. jpheisz says:

    Thanks! I just enjoy building stuff, even if it can be bought.

  8. jpheisz says:

    I got sick of bits spinning around in the keyless chuck. It has no noticeable effect on drilling performance, especially in a hand drill. The keyless chucks do a good job, but don’t hold a smooth shank well enough to avoid spinning.

  9. groggycl says:

    man, all this videos you are doing are great!! I am from chile, south america, and here there is no big table saws, no big bench tools, at least not for any reasonable price. In part because of that I am a very DIY guy for my tools and your videos (together with matthias’s) are not just great for learning purposes but they are kind of inspirational too, at least for me. they give me the last push so I can go and do this kind of thing!!

  10. mycompasstv says:

    Great tip about grounding a flat area on your drill bits!

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