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Making A Woodworking Vise, Part 10 Of 11 Part 10 of my homemade quick release woodworking vise build.
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4 Responses to “Making A Woodworking Vise, Part 10 Of 11”

  1. youllregretit says:


  2. John Heisz says:

    Certainly could be done. Maybe a better way would be to build out the edge of the bench rather than cutting in.
    My use of the vise is mainly as a third hand, to hold stuff while I assemble them, since I’m not much into the traditional hand tool work that would really benefit from such a setup.

  3. John Heisz says:

    Thanks, I’m glad you liked them. I tried to include as much detail as possible but keep the videos short and concise.

  4. laphant1 says:

    i watched all 11 …learned a lot…thanks for fine vids /info/ideas/example of doing it…cheers,laphant1

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