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Enjoy Please Hit That Like Button And Help Us Out And If You Are New Hit That Subscribe Button Bro! =D IP: Also Thanks For 15000 Views Everyone! Tags: minecraft day 1 first “playthrough part” part intro cinematic pc machinima gameplay commentary normal difficulty lets play let toby turner tobuscus notch pig sheep zombie cow skeleton chicken spider yt quality high game gamer gaming video games sucks mojang PS3 Xbox 360 Xbox360 Live Minecraft tamable dragons riding a dragon in minecraft minecraft wolf Minecraft smp multi-player server dedicated costume map Squid in minecraft black sheep updates guide seananners riskygaming evil980 chaosstorm capturedHD hutch yt:quality=high alpha Alpha notch spider spiders skeleton skeletons zombie zombies lumber wood coal stone torch torches workbench crafting square pickaxe pick mo creatures wooden shelter survival night tutorial how to tips tricks real
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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27 Responses to “Let’s Play AirShip Battle – Minecraft PVP Server (IP in Discription!) – You See My Face! Now 1.4.5!”


    everytime i join nothing happens i just get killed and destroyed i can over find this

  2. PedroKid2000 says:

    Well that was a fun server, crash my minecraft then fill up the server!

  3. egilbert12 says:

    Sir, yes sir! :D

  4. Jacob Field says:

    *sings he’s simply the best,better than all the rest

  5. 2DMinerProductions says:

    Thanks Very Much Bro That means alot =D <3

  6. TheCdawgSooner says:

    Seriously guys, subscribe. 17,000 views… SUBSCRIBE YOU DERPS!!! HE’S AN AMAZING YOUTUBER!

  7. XxTheMinecraftPackxX says:

    :D Anyway do you wan’t to do mod reviews with me? That would be cool!

  8. goldenmaster2001 says:

    can u call one of the mods or admins and say i didn’t really do anything and i don’t know why i got banned cause my friend like team griefed but don’t tell him to ban him

  9. 2DMinerProductions says:

    Haha xD Thanks

  10. 2DMinerProductions says:

    I Dont Know how to get you un-banned sorry bro =(

  11. goldenmaster2001 says:

    can u try to unban me from it i got banned for no reason

  12. XxTheMinecraftPackxX says:

    nice afro

  13. TheIcedragon905 says:

    failed to log in? o.o

  14. Echocafe1 says:

    Says failed to login..? o_o

  15. tonygroce1 says:

    The ip is

  16. 2DMinerProductions says:

    oh sorry about that bro =) / =(

  17. Ong Seng Yuan says:

    cant join =-=

  18. AdvancedCraft says:

    Join Our Server!
    –Game (dot) roShadows (dot) com– or — –

    Come and see the Realm of Shadows, a Minecraft Server full of wonder and
    adventure. We have a friendly staff, large map and a stellar spawn. Its running
    mcmmo and towny. The server is PvP based with war time and PvP
    tournaments. Faithful members a rewarded with ranks and money and we
    have top notch security so you don’t have to worry those pesky hackers.

  19. SgtPepper291 says:

    It’s I the Video and the description!

  20. Derpy Pegasus says:

    He means he is to lazy to buy the game so he plays servers where you don’t have to buy to play and he wants this to be cracked as in not having to buy the game to play the server.

  21. 2DMinerProductions says:

    What do You Mean Bro?

  22. BennyVue99 says:

    It’s not cracked !!!!

  23. 2DMinerProductions says:

    in the description or just:

  24. jason maverick says:

    wheres that IP!

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