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An overview of the functions of the unique useful KM-1 KerfMaker.
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8 Responses to “KM-1 KerfMaker by Bridge City Tool Works”

  1. deezynar says:

    Very nice.

  2. kennethdante says:

    Thanks for the explanation! 9 months later a reply but hey better late than never is what my Mom always says lol.

  3. BridgeCityMike says:

    The KM-1 works as an intermediate stop. You must clamp a stop to your fence and use the KM-1 between the stop and the wood that you are cutting. Flipping the KM-1 after your first cut creates the correct offset that you gauged from the wood.

  4. Thegreatnick says:

    Oh man is that snug at 0:42. I love it when you do DIY and you don’t even need nails or glue to make it stay in place.

  5. TheYTViolation says:

    Cool! Gotta love precision tools.

  6. kennethdante says:

    it’s a really nice demo but the critical information, which is setting up the table saw with jigs for it to work correctly. I see the tool as a guage, adjustable part of the jig, now how to put it to use on the saw. I see shit clamped to the fence i mean explain that part please :(

  7. Al989898 says:


  8. Epostaxis says:

    ojo joj,… i’m more jeaulous of that sawstop than of that KM1

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