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An overview of the Jointermaker SW by Bridge City Tool Works. A followup to the Jointmaker Pro, the JM-SW is a simpler more economical model with the same capacities as the Jointmaker Pro.
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15 Responses to “JM-SW Jointmaker by Bridge City Tool Works”

  1. NotExactView says:

    Very expensive

  2. deezynar says:

    I’d like to see a treadle for moving the blade up.

  3. Pojotin says:

    i thought we were talking bout drugs

  4. goatman069 says:

    After seeing a hand planer on your website for $866.00, I decided I can’t afford to even look at your tools…. I certainly can’t afford to purchase one.

  5. BrushCountryJamboree says:

    That music STINKS and i am being polite

  6. BridgeCityMike says:

    On the faceplate, there is a crank arm that raises and lowers the blade. There is also a lock knob that locks the keel. It is the same system as in the JMPv2. There is a detail image on the product page that may make it clearer. (youtube won’t let me post a link)

  7. startreking2007 says:

    During the computer animation sequence it looks like there’s a second faceplate with knob/turn wheel mounts protruding out.

  8. BridgeCityMike says:

    I am not sure what the control knobs you are referring to.
    We have found the JM-SW to be ambidextrous. I am right handed and find that pushing the table with my left hand is quite easy. John, the BCTW president, is left handed and finds that the unit simple to use too no matter your hand preference.

  9. startreking2007 says:

    I’m assuming the double control knobs are so the machine is left and right hander friendly?

  10. BridgeCityMike says:

    Yes, I usa a chisel. Though, you can make a few more relief cuts on the Jointmaker to make the waste removal easier.

  11. jmvicuna1 says:

    Hi, when you are at the part of 1:02 in the video, you remove the wood between the cuts with a chisel?? Thanks for your reply!

  12. aryesegal1988 says:

    Amazing piece of engineering! Thanks for the info..!

    - Arye.

  13. BridgeCityMike says:

    This was done on Ashlar Vellum’s Cobalt software.

  14. aryesegal1988 says:

    What CAD software are you using? ;)

  15. Henry rohenwiri says:

    Hi I’m from Venezuela and I wonder how much this device costs, thanks

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