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INCRA Rules – Complete Version

Super accurate measuring and layout tools that enable woodworkers of all experience levels to improve the quality of their work. The INCRA Rules use a simple mechanism to make all layout work fast, repeatable, and dead-on accurate.

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6 Responses to “INCRA Rules – Complete Version”

  1. Derek Zoe says:

    Beast Rulers!

  2. jaxdabomb1 says:

    I have just ordered these- hurry up postie!

  3. incratools says:

    Yes, we carry some INCRA Rules in metric version. Please visit our website and click on Measuring & Marking. Thanks!

  4. MegaDusty56 says:

    Must have if you want / need accuracy. Top Quality tools : )

  5. Rudolf Zaris says:

    this is is the best  !!!

  6. V0Coop says:

    i want two of each

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