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How to Use a Scratch Stock

Popular Woodworking tested the Hock Tools scratch stock for the April 2013 issue — here’s how to use this tool.
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3 Responses to “How to Use a Scratch Stock”

  1. vincent7520 says:

    see image at 0:37
    the wood block has a sharp blade on its side. It allows to make a rabbet on the side of a piece of wood as shown. Cheap, fairly accurate, not labor intensive and fast !… We all should have one in our shop.

    A note for the American woodworkers, sorry if I misspelled something or used a term badly : English is not my mother tongue.

  2. Varcuri9898 says:

    What is it????

  3. OnEvenKeel says:

    So close! Keep it up, Ms. Fitzpatrick!

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