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Learn how to understand planing operation for a power planer and get professional tips and advice from an expert carpenter on using tools for leveling, shaving and shaping wood in this free woodworking video. Expert: teacherjon Bio: Jon holds a Bachelors of Science in Education and Human Sciences degree, with an endorsement in Industrial Technology Education from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. Filmmaker: Jon Olson

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24 Responses to “How to Use a Power Planer : Planing Operation for a Power Planer”

  1. doodle91012 says:

    is expert village some kind of a cult. you sure look like a guy who would be a member

  2. Mueiwark says:

    He sounds like a rapist..

  3. behradng says:

    and going against the grain!!!!!!!

  4. godu1111 says:

    fuck you John

  5. someonegetsteve says:

    and that’s how you get a completely uneven piece of wood, thanks, this has been joohhnnnnn…

  6. Will Cooper says:

    whats wrong with his right eye? hyahahahahahahaha

  7. hidcoolmody says:

    hi this is johnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  8. jeremyparr says:

    Yeah, John not so good at the talking or the planeing.

  9. jeremyparr says:

    Never go full retard.

  10. tbndeereman75 says:

    this is the same guy who did the expert village stick welding videos, he was also useless at that…

  11. rm2137 says:

    It’s “vise”, not “vice”!!

  12. Mueiwark says:

    Jesus C what a scary guy…

  13. twlson49 says:

    Is it just me? Why is it I hate all the expert village videos. They all take two minutes and I have to sit through 10 of them to get the whole deal

  14. s37d says:

    power planing creates so many big chips i hate it

  15. dcmsideshow says:

    That was a TON of snipe.

  16. MisterSoul99 says:

    I have this same planer, I can’t stress enough how important is is to get in the habit of Only putting your second hand on the knob or front when in use, sometimes on a narrow board you are tempted to steady the planer by holding the side of the planer and your fingers can easily wrap under to where the cutters are.

  17. emigrantgap says:

    snipe snipe snipe snipe snipe and more snipe

  18. fakocsi says:

    You must be right : )

  19. 747todasky says:

    How does a gmc sierra stay ahead of the competiton, by advertising before your video is shown, to millions of people

  20. Thetruthishere11 says:

    why he put his hand on the blades?

  21. noisepuppet says:

    I’m getting addicted to the way he says “this is Jooohhhhhn?”

  22. startwithz says:

    i’m just glad he’s not rob mcmann

  23. frogdogmoose says:

    It seems like the end of the piece you planed was bent upwards,

  24. coffeethen says:

    Thanks John, best video I have seen yet on how to use a hand held power planer.

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