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Learn how to use some troubleshooting tips for a jack plane and get professional tips and advice from an expert carpenter on using tools for rough finishing and smoothing edges of wood in this free woodworking video. Expert: teacherjon Bio: Jon holds a Bachelors of Science in Education and Human Sciences degree, with an endorsement in Industrial Technology Education from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. Filmmaker: Jon Olson

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5 Responses to “How to Use a Jack Plane : Troubleshooting Tips for a Jack Plane”

  1. johnsobj says:

    Just to help John, you don’t have to speak SOOOOO slowly on all your videos. Thanks for the tips though.

  2. MorrisonsMorgan says:

    The 1st thing you would want to do is discard that cheap piece of sh@t and get your-self a Lie-Nielsen # 5 1/2 !!

  3. warden9876 says:

    A very cute jackplane

  4. cordellrich says:

    I think you should show an example of what is to far back and to far forward for the frog. You mention it but dont show it. I have a beautiful new plane but wood gets caught between the blade and the other part thats not the blade or the frog or the cap… dont know what its called and Ive looked at all your videos and still cant figure out why I have that problem. Happends even with very very thin passes, Thin as you can go and stil get any wood to cut. Thanks though appreciate the videos.

  5. xPlantpoTx says:

    hi this is johhhnnnnnn!! lol

    good tips though im starting out as a trainee and tips like this are very usful thanks

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