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How to Use a Block Plane : Adjusting a Block Plane

How to properly adjust a block plane; get professional tips and advice from an expert on carpentry tools in this free home improvement video. Expert: Jon Olson Bio: Jon Olson currently teaches multiple industrial technology classes at the high school level. In addition, he has worked in residential construction for several years. Filmmaker: Jon Olson
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7 Responses to “How to Use a Block Plane : Adjusting a Block Plane”

  1. kwstikas82 says:

    i never understood why this “expert village” continues to exist. All the “tutorial” videos i’ve seen from it are total crap.

  2. gilbet says:

    wrong title

  3. originalvalleykid says:

    what part describes how to use it dude??

  4. comedus says:

    crap…how do you adjust the blade???

  5. MaxiTaxi26 says:

    This didn’t help me at all… : (

  6. santos1251 says:

    Very good, Thanks!

  7. fyfter says:

    it takes ages to propperly get a block plane shiny and perfectly flat from machine ground

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