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The Hei Toki Lashing is how the Māori (indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand), tie off small highly polished rectangular blades. Initially used as woodworking tools, Māori hei toki blades, and the lashings that accompany them, have become highly prized pieces of art, sought after the world wide. Video production by JD of Tying It All Together. Special Info Link:

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25 Responses to “How to Tie the Māori Hei Toki Lashing by TIAT”

  1. asciiavatar says:

    Hey JD, would using some really thin, clear two-sided tape also work instead of tack spray?

  2. fjroberts077 says:

    why not come up with a way to loop cord from the shoulders of the bottle, down around the bottom, ensuring that the lashing can NOT be easily pulled off? IE, Filling the bottle with alcohol, and inserting and removing from your pocket?

  3. CheynannieROCKS says:

    glad to see my culture is spread all around the world :D

  4. Rubenakachuy says:

    dude respect! is there a knot you can’t do? I am a big fan!

  5. ItsMeDaveT says:

    The knot is amazing, and the music has that whole “Eminence Front” feel to it….

  6. LoneWolfsVoice says:

    Could this be done or had anyone tried to do this on a military one quart canteen?

  7. Manos1x2 says:

    Is there a tie or knot that can hold a stone secure?
    I`d like to make a necklase. Thank you.

  8. TyingItAllTogether says:

    - I suppose, but it might slip off. I’d spray a little “tack” (sticky spray used to add grip) on the bottle before tying.

  9. TheVoidFox says:

    can i use a round bottle like a wine bottle?

  10. TyingItAllTogether says:

    A little tack spray on the bottle would do. Otherwise it will slip off the bottle if pulled. A traditional Hei Toki Lashing is performed on a notched stone or bone. The notch keeping the tie from sliding off. My video merely show the tying technique.

    JD ~ TIAT

  11. TopOfTheLine3 says:

    what stops it from sliding up the bottle

  12. TyingItAllTogether says:


    It probably would’nt hold on a round bottle.

    JD ~ TIAT

  13. TopOfTheLine3 says:

    also was wondering that

  14. tripeee58 says:

    never mind any of that!  What’s the name of and where can I download this funky music???????????????

  15. natemate49080 says:

    im trying to tie this knot on a small ore. but it keeps slipping please help me on solving this problem.

  16. hSpoonful says:

    thanks! watched one and later did it first time perfect,

  17. TyingItAllTogether says:

    Yes. The core was removed.

    JD ~ TIAT

  18. newt149 says:

    Was the paracord you used “gutted”?

  19. FraggerRem says:

    Did this to the lid of a zippo and just wrapped the bottom half. Looks pretty badass if I do say so myself

  20. ScuffleSage says:

    In theory, you could use this to wrap a tank top on someone, substitute the top rubber band with the person’s teeth biting down on to the top working end.. but finishing the tank top before the person turns purple would be the real challenge.. perhaps if they stood on a turn table. hmm….

  21. 3pushesbullet says:

    Is there anyway to do this with a round bottle?

  22. MaxSafeheaD says:

    Doh! oh yea =P
    Thanks very much =D

  23. TyingItAllTogether says:

    Follow the “Special Info” link at the bottom of the video description.

    JD ~ TIAT

  24. MaxSafeheaD says:

    I make bone (and soon fimo) pendants so this lashing would look great on them.
    Where I might be able to find out how these notches you mentioned work please?

  25. dlimace says:

    ball into the bottle “bola dentro da garrafa”
    Excuse my mistakes in English because I am Brazilian and I do not speak your language very well. I wish you would show us how to knot ball into the bottle.

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