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How to Sharpen Tools : Sharpening a Kitchen Knife

How to sharpen a kitchen knife; get professional tips and advice from an expert carpenter on how to sharpen carpentry tools in this free instructional video. Expert: Fred Carson Bio: Fred Carson has been professionally sharpening tools for more than twenty five years. He runs Carson’s Saw Shop in Eugene, Oregon. Filmmaker: max koetter


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12 Responses to “How to Sharpen Tools : Sharpening a Kitchen Knife”

  1. kragier says:

    True, but the real question is why does he use a scimitar to cut bagels?

  2. kragier says:

    Whomever! lawl jk :D


    I don’t think that all of the expert village idiots are idiots, but for some reason, every single video absolutely sucks. Some of the people (not quite this guy o3o) seem to know what they are doing, yet they look like they are being forced to deliberately completely fail at it, as if to keep up loservillage’s reputation.

  3. hyeroller25 says:

    Doesn’t this guy know that he just ruined the temper on that blade? Does he really consider that honing?? lol… this guy is a joke.

  4. 22rifle says:

    If you care about your knives DO NOT take them to this guy.

    HORRIBLE WORK! How in thunder does he stay in business?

  5. kathybrooks1963 says:

    I think these videos are very informative. I am very impressed with the tools these guys have. They obviously know there stuff because they are doing more than running there mouths

  6. canubelieve says:

    Expert village…more like village idiots.

  7. albi131 says:

    Omg! Its fucking dangerous sharpening that way!

  8. MisterBaz1 says:

    Why would i bring a KITCHEN knife to a SAW shop?

  9. chefgav1 says:

    i 2nd that ,what a cowboy.

  10. agricjim says:

    I wouldn’t let that grease monkey sharpen my butter knife….!

    Expert Village Idiots would be more appropriate for the crap that this lot post….!

  11. 1lupus says:

    Come on. Is this a joke? Bloody expert village = a bunch of twats. To whoever posts these things: Pick any one of your videos – Look in your phone book and pick a few of the people listed who actually make their living in the chosen area. Show them the videos and if any of them don’t burst out laughing at the stupidity it would be a miracle. Give it up or change the name to Tossers village

  12. kawibbyrule says:

    hey i just got don sharpening my moms knifes if u can cut a pice of paper with out runing it back and forth is that sharp please e mail me

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