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How to sharpen a band saw blade get professional tips and advice from an expert carpenter on how to sharpen carpentry tools in this free instructional video. Expert: Fred Carson Bio: Fred Carson has been professionally sharpening tools for more than twenty five years. He runs Carson’s Saw Shop in Eugene, Oregon. Filmmaker: max koetter
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to “How to Sharpen Tools : Sharpening a Band Saw Blade”

  1. marioamayaflamenco says:

    Not very helpful unless we happen to have that machine!

  2. tileajb1 says:

    If this is a professional saw shop then where is the dust extraction system, Carborundum dust is not good for your lungs and if this guy is doing this all day his lungs are not going to be too healthy

  3. EvanQuinn07 says:

    fred…you might be a Chicken-Hawk….hehehehe

  4. TheDaldi8800 says:

    look this vid : “German carpenter-artisangossip ”

    click on the first vid

    have fun

  5. cjack56 says:

    @antimatt13 – Build one! What? You have to have everything handed to you already pre-packaged? Show some initiative!

  6. Wickie7676 says:

    So exacly how does this show ME how to sharpen a blade. Like I can afford some fancy Italian machine like that.

  7. canubelieve says:

    cool sharpening jig but hella gay video

  8. TeenWoodworker says:

    looks good but i think it would be cheaper to buy a new blade if you only have a small cheap blades becase that machine looked good but i would imagine quite expensive for a hobbiest. Thanks anyway.

  9. Century2324 says:

    Hi Fred my name is Century2324. I am also Gay. I did not want you to feel alone

  10. ArJuna22 says:

    Who gives a crap? I don’t have one of those machines. I’m happy for you that you got your YouTube glory at my expense.

  11. bubbes8chubbes says:

    and i am here with your mom

  12. JasonHam41 says:

    yer antimatt13 got it in one

  13. whiskeyindejar says:

    Interesting too see how its done but those tools that are used to sharpen are out of reach of most DIY people.

  14. jackomr says:

    i think the last guy said it all

  15. antimatt13 says:

    were in flying fuck are we gunna find one of the old ass blade sharpeners

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