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Quality Carpenter Tools Will Help You Create Masterpieces – Set up your own home workshop. We’ll walk you through the gear you’ll need to build a woodworking shop from scratch. In this video, Jim goes over shop space needed, workshop fixtures and safety gear.

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12 Responses to “How to Set up a Woodworking Shop – Pt. I”

  1. Tough Journeyman says:

    Great looking shop and a wonderful personality. You should be on TV hosting your own show. Best wishes man.

  2. FurnitureWorkshop says:

    I had my electrician run a bunch of outlets off my existing service about four feet off the ground, so there’s one handy for most tasks. But the outlet I use the most is the power strip I zip tied to my main workbench. I run power to that with a long extention cord, so I’m free to move my bench around. The DIY Network has some good layout suggestions online too. Give them a try for some more inexpensive ideas. Good luck wth the shop! – Jim

  3. FurnitureWorkshop says:

    Sure thing, TB. Good luck with the new biz!

  4. Tigerblade2002 says:

    Thank you…I shuold have come to your site first before I made my earlier comment…Thanks to you, I know that I have most of what I need to get started!

  5. Arcz90 says:


    I am in the very early stages of planning for a woodworking shop. just curious as to where electrical plugs would go, more so for smaller power tools that i would be using at my workbench, i have seen the power cord hanging from the cieling with a chain and others a built into the bench, what would you recommend the easiest/cheapest way for me to go with? thanks alot. i subbed.

  6. FurnitureWorkshop says:

    Thanks Scouser! I’m thinking of doing some workbench modifications myself – swapping out all the wheels for bigger ones. I haven’t done much work with cedar, just a couple trunk linings. But I jumped on Lumber Jocks and they had some good advice. Check em out for a tip or two. Good luck! – Jim

  7. scouser229 says:

    Good to see you back in the shop! I made one of your portable workbenches a few months ago and it works great! In hindsight, there are some things I would have done differently, but I guess that’s part of the journey. Random question: any advice on how to treat cedar?

    Keep the videos coming!

  8. FurnitureWorkshop says:

    Thanks! Part two coming soon. And thanks for the heads-up on the sound trouble. – Jim

  9. guillermomclean says:

    Great advise! Also I don’t know why, but most of the sound comes from the left channel. Maybe you can check it out.

    Thanks for the video, looking forward for part 2.

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