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How to Preserve Fresh Flowers With Vodka

Who knew vodka could work double duty to both liven-up a party and a drooping flower arrangement? Let Jill teach you how use vodka to preserve a bouquet, allowing you to revitalize your roses to last a few days longer. Learn more helpful tricks with Jill: Each week on Amazing Food Tricks, Jill will show you ways to use transform simple ingredients like lemon and salt into powerhouse tools to help you get your chores done efficiently and effectively. Subscribe to see a new episode every Wednesday! Subscribe to Tasted:
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18 Responses to “How to Preserve Fresh Flowers With Vodka”

  1. crazykidp2r says:

    if there is any left drink it

  2. windragon12343 says:

    For his Sunflowers all his fans give him yes ;)

  3. buttmonkey227 says:

    i like to be her flowers!

  4. charkee167 says:

    in NAZI Austria-Hungry…….

  5. xoblueoctoberfanxo says:

    russia does not approve

  6. Ruby Walker says:

    In soviet russia, Vodka makes you sober.

  7. mikayla7890 says:

    thnx to amazing food trscks now my house is clean!

  8. XTR0113z0RX says:

    Vodka tonight!

  9. minecraftponys says:

    In soviet Russia flowers pour vodka on YOU!

  10. Tard1s2 says:

    in soviot russia…….ahhh forget it


    nothing like getting drunk to wake them up

  12. supermantahoo says:

    Da fwack? :<

  13. MrNikolaidomanin says:

    wat a waste of Vodka

  14. Destination0800 says:

    Because flowers are secretly alcoholics…

  15. metsmatt963 says:


  16. TheWingmanPro says:

    On a Wednesday

  17. metsmatt963 says:

    to die

  18. Trollmaster8000 says:


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