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How To Prepare for Roadside Emergency Repairs

In this episode of Saturday Mechanic, Ben Wojdyla and Russell Ferguson show how to prepare for, and perform, roadside emergency repairs. Subscribe! In this episode, Popular Mechanics’ Associate Auto Editor Ben Wojdyla: * Winterizes the chain * Changes the oil * Fills up the gas tank * Removes the battery * Cleans the exterior Who says you can’t work on your own car anymore? Follow Popular Mechanics associate auto editor Ben Wojdyla as he leads viewers, step by step, through repairs, upgrades, and troubleshooting tips. Got car questions? Email Ben, and he may answer them on the show. Connect with Ben Wojdyla: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Email: Connect To Popular Mechanics: Connect to Car and Driver: Subscribe! Twitter: Facebook:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “How To Prepare for Roadside Emergency Repairs”

  1. JIGGLYsHoW says:

    Always needed for a FORD

  2. CaptainStJames says:

    I always keep fuses in my car. I wish it was as simple as switching one to fix things. My fuses outlast the parts. The joy of owning an older car. :)

  3. bmwmsport11 says:

    I don’t really have a repair kit. I don’t take old cars or unreliable cars on trips.

  4. ShaTR2 says:

    Donught tire goes on the BACK

  5. calmini4x4 says:

    tire plug kit… you can get a cheap set for under $5. also a 12v pump for another $5

  6. furyiiiplate says:

    Another valuable contribution.
    Mostly I like to see kids smack their grapes on a railing while skateboarding(yeeOuhhhh), but other times I want to actually learn something on YouTube.

  7. UCplayer says:


  8. beyond305 says:


  9. peterhejlejensen says:

    Are the engineers that made that car mentally challenged? Different size spare tires. Fucking genius

  10. Buzztech76 says:

    You should never drive with a donut tire on the front of a front wheel drive car, as much work as it is, you should swap out one of the back tires for the donut and then put the back tire on the front!

  11. HaroRider03088 says:

    I just drive a Honda..

  12. Mail4dalej says:

    Running late to a state park b4 gate closes. No time to stop for gas. Ran out of gas. Think think. Colemam fuel down the hatch! Made it in time.

  13. ihmesekoilua says:

    Having something like an old soda bottle filled with water in my trunk has saved me SO many times. If nothing else, you can use it to wash the bird poop off your paint before it sets :) Ditto for a small, LEAK PROOF, fuel canister. A can of instant tire repair will get you to the next service station faster and safer than stopping to change a flat on the highway. I also always have a tiny little fire extinguisher that comes in a spray can, just in case. And a basic tool kit.

  14. stlouisx50 says:

    Great video, some other items that would be good are; a candle inside a coffee can, matches, blanket.

  15. LeakyDiaper says:

    My aunt worked at the GM proving grounds testing the “doughnut” spare tires. She says they did very rigorous testing including burnouts and skids, all at various speeds on different terrain. Including high speed runs over 100 mph. and these are actually a very well made, reliable and tough tire. But, they will not give you the traction you need if you had to make a quick stop or make a sudden sharp turn. And that’s why you want to only use them within the recommended speeds and air pressure.

  16. faostube says:

    I’ve seen people who drive cars for years are veteran drivers and when they get a flat, they don’t know how to do it!!!!!! You can’t call yourself a driver until you learn how to properly service your car. I’m not saying learn to rebuild the engine, I’m saying to learn the little things, checking the oil, tires, learn to change a tire, be prepared…don’t be an AutoZombie be a driver a RealDriver.

  17. Khanhie2907 says:

    One of my cables fell off of its place. The engine was still going but the thing won’t go. I have a standard and I felt no pressure in the shift knob. With the momentum I had, I kept going to find a place to pull over then I found some zip tie in the car and found out that the cable slipped out of place and I lost a nut or screw. Then I had to zip tie the cable to the transmission mount thing and drove it home. I saved about 250$ on towing and it took me about a minute to trouble shoot

  18. henrique triaca says:

    Im brazilian, I do not understand anything
    but i love cars

  19. Ben Raehpour says:

    We once were driving from Kansas to Wisconsin in our suburban with a deck boat behind us. We ended up running out of gas at 2 in the morning in the middle of Iowa. Haha we were stuck until we though of jacking the boat up and using the little left over gas in it to get us down the road haha. We ended up only being a mile away from a station haha

  20. dapc73 says:

    Loved the lifting tyre trick :) – thanks for sharing

    ” friends car … use the dark colour …. “LOL

  21. zanuha says:

    For the love of god, block this Qais guy.

  22. Qais Alehremi says:

    keep the note in front of your eyes until you call and get to the authority

  23. Qais Alehremi says:

    did the people of the last shift forgot what to do by making think something else, maybe they make them think about something they usually do

  24. Qais Alehremi says:

    did you call the authoritys
    what are you waiting for

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