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How to Mix Down a song part 1 of 2

How to Mix Down a song How to Mix Down a song How to Mix Down a song How to Mix Down a song Pro Tools

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24 Responses to “How to Mix Down a song part 1 of 2”

  1. 3ddicted says:

    bro, at first, i’m not gnnaa lie. I thought your video was gnna be Shxt….it was NOT. it was probably explained better than other professionals on youtube. KEEP up the good work!!!

  2. kahstd says:

    Good teaching, simple but affective

  3. 3jtLawson says:

    Nice. Very nice. Your patience & understanding for the intended novice audience is much appreciated & very effective. Thank you.

  4. DJDonWoneChannel says:

    It educating and comical to watch. More viewers, in the music field, needs to watch this.

  5. crazyE1029 says:

    i thought this was a joke for a second, but damn hes a good teacher haha

  6. NMCization says:

    Both entertaining and explanatory,I hope you do this for a living.

  7. najtrows says:

    its good! i like it! :)

  8. larry89 says:

    you explained the concept very well

  9. novanine9 says:

    what about reverb and dry for far and near as well as volume?

  10. mrdavidduong says:

    this was entertaining. thanks for the tips.

  11. Mr3clipz3 says:

    I need some serious help with placing vocals into instrumentals

  12. FuckYa26 says:

    wud up homie.. i need a couple tracks mix and master.. if u up for it then let me know something

  13. HoneyDJon says:


  14. ismellpedo says:

    is there anyway one of u guys could send me a track so i could mix it? i wont charge a dime i just want to see if im any good i feel confident i am but i would appreciate the help thanks

  15. LosAngelesFresh1 says:

    man thanks for this real talk i needed some shit like this!

  16. ossi43 says:

    u make it sound easy… thanks!

  17. CharlesFotos says:

    U my teacher!

  18. dirtyreddtv1 says:

    very funny!!!! but youre so right man! keep it coming im learning alot. i thought i knew what i was doing and you prove me wrong lol i hear music different now! thanks!

  19. txdm777 says:

    damn dude, the first 5 minutes of this video made my mixes sound WAY better!! now i’m gonna finish it and get back to the board.

    thanks so much man!

  20. switchitdownn says:

    Good info man !

  21. switchitdownn says:

    Good info man ! 

  22. gabereal82 says:

    Thx. U sure answerd my ?s. Its a gd thing ur doin.

  23. martiallaw565 says:

    as I was watching this, it seemed dumb. After…wow I actually learned a lot. Very informative and entertaining!

  24. maxx millionz says:


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