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How to make Wood Shingles using hand tools Make wood shingles. Use traditional hand tools to make oak shingles. The craft of making roof shingles. For more videos visit http For more woodlands information visit

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24 Responses to “How to make Wood Shingles using hand tools”

  1. MrMaxwellnith says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Top Notch Work here Sirs!!!

  2. PeterSievers says:

    I love the accent :)

  3. rafaelsalinas58 says:

    This is a very “left” video. =p

  4. StuInTokyo says:

    Great video, very interesting!
    Is the oak you are working green?

  5. noddy53100 says:

    European Hornbeam will it make good wooden shingles

  6. noddy53100 says:

    European Hornbeam will it make good wooden shingles

  7. WOODLANDSTV says:

    @TheCaptainSlappy Thanks for watching and posting a positive comment. Much appreciated. Let us know if you have any suggstions for other topics to cover.

  8. TheCaptainSlappy says:

    Very informative! Excellent work, gentlemen.

  9. WOODLANDSTV says:

    @nobodyprepper Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching

  10. nobodyprepper says:

    Good Tips…

  11. psychomikeo500 says:

    Have you ever used a froe clob al-la Roy Underhill?

  12. buckwheatpie says:

    Great video, extremely helpful, thanks very much for sharing this!

  13. gswiaczny says:

    Heh, It’s like saying “every metalhead has long hair and beard” which is not true. ;) As I know Celts lived on British Islands, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, South Poland and even in Bulgaria. And I think, that they all didn’t look as you described. Many of them, probably. But not all. Best regards, Greg

  14. aseglkj says:

    @gswiaczny no, he looks like a rastafarian. celts had shorter hair and usually moustaches. check the “dying gaul” statue for what celts looked like.

  15. davetileguy says:

    Does’nt oak turn black when it gets wet?

  16. aaronready1 says:

    thats why these shingles cost so much!

  17. frombaerum says:

    fine doc!

  18. s37d says:

    are those nitro r/c cars in the background

  19. gswiaczny says:

    Nice video. I hope to find some more like that ^^ Mr Peter has awesome hairstyle- he really looks like a Celt :D

  20. chinadepot says:

    Very helpful, great job!
    Walt Barrett

  21. bigballs900 says:

    sweet i was thinkin i would like to do an apprentiship like this

  22. catfish4975 says:

    Why not just go to the Home Depot and buy asphalt shingles? This looks like a huge pain in the ass and its expensive AND your roof is going to leak all over your face. Besides, if you put that wood on your house its gonna catch on fire and possibly destroy your family. You hippies need to learn technology.

  23. Homesteadforge says:

    Nice video..thanks for sharing this

  24. yalgret2 says:

    you lot have good jobs

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