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How to make Miter Joints on the Table Saw This woodworking tutorial features the miter joint. If you’ve done carpentry or woodworking there probably was a time whent the mitre joint was a challenge. Learn to cut a perfect miter joint every time. visit… Learn more, Experience more!


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4 Responses to “How to make Miter Joints on the Table Saw”

  1. AppJourneyman says:

    You are referring to the Ulmia spring pinch clamps that are used when gluing up the miter joints. Check out the link in the video description. There is more information for you concerning these terrific miter clamps. They have been in my tool box for over 30 years. They are worth their weight in gold.

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  2. Myles Chapman says:

    Hi there,

    Just wondering what those small wire clamps you are using are called?

    They look handy!


  3. AppJourneyman says:

    Thank you for watching and also listening. Enjoy the woodworking blog.

  4. excavtrooper says:

    Your video is perfect. You just get on with it, none of the waffle of all the other’s who love the sound of their own voice. You show it clearly and quietly, and because you didn’t narrate, my attention to what you were doing was increased dramatically. Thank you, this is one of the top “How to” videos I’ve seen anywhere. I am now off to your site.

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