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In this video, I will show you how to make a wooden butterfly knife, or Balisong. Since these wooden knives have now real blade, they are excellent trainer knives, and are great for beginners. Project difficulty: 4/10 (1=Easy and quick, 10=Very advanced and difficult. May take a while.) *Warning: This project uses power tools and other sharp objects. Follow proper safety requirements and most of all, use common sense. Also, although the blade is not sharp and cannot cut you, it can still be very pointy. Treat it like a real blade.* (Note: I sped up the video by 3% to fit the timeframe, but it is very unnoticeable. Also, the mic that I used was bad quality, so sorry for the bad audio.) Thanks for watching! :)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “How to Make a Wooden Butterfly Knife (Balisong)”

  1. lolandrew12 says:

    hey dude i want to make one and my mom is willing to buy me meterials but will it be
    illigal in washington state and can i use a handsaw to cut it?

  2. lolandrew12 says:

    i wish i could make one my mom allowes it but doesnt allow me to buy woods

  3. turrumais says:

    that crafter is a spy

  4. TheTwistedTraceur says:

    and it’s also fun project :3

  5. unworthyfame says:

    City slicker

  6. blabla162830 says:

    i got my intrest in to butterfly knifes from the spy in tf2 and i have a real butterfly knife but i really want to show how good i am to my friends in school so i came here so i can make one to show my friends

  7. dragton2308 says:

    You are very good but I was looking online and a trainer one is only like 13 bucks which for me is cheaper then making one and I think that the metal trainer is better than a wood one but still my parents are a lot more hesitant about the metal trainer than me making one. But I dont have the power tools. oh well keep up the good work. Next time use a better mic though it wasnt that bad but some parts it got really grainy and hurt my ears

  8. MrSuperbluehobo says:

    @greentimz they are not actual knives. its only wood and nails. of course its legal to carry. dont take it to school or places like that because some people are stupid and dont know the difference

  9. jdlboy13 says:

    that to lol :)

  10. bowen ortiz says:

    you dont even have to buy a trainer one. you can by a real one for around the same price as a trainer, then put electrical tape (or any duck tape) around the sharp edge of the blade and use it with the tape untell you get good.

  11. MrQuantaK says:

    No, some people actually have a genuine interest in knives.

  12. cr1mec0mmit3r says:

    Who else got here because of Spy from TF2?

  13. belliebutton08 says:

    it looks a bit chunky, but overall still pretty cool.

  14. MrMmjamen says:

    find a tutorial how to use microphone well:)

  15. adgyjkhyerthjgtnhjv says:

    eg snakke norsk

  16. greentimz says:

    are these still illegal to carry?


    Guys, stop all of the hate comments. This kid wanted something, and made it himself. His video is very easy to follow, and I just made a balisong following his video, and it works great. Kids today all want to play video games and listen to Justin Bieber, but this kid is building and is taking the time to have fun. He will go a lot further in life than all of the basement dwelling kids that are all to common now-a-days. So grow up, because he’s going a lot further in life than most of you are.

  18. bcthomp12 says:

    wouldent you like to say you made something

  19. Mwkid124 says:

    Why not just use the ruler instead of buying paint sticks

  20. 4GoBabyGo says:

    Can I buy one

  21. TheRedxt says:

    thats sick

  22. RunescapeKing3500 says:

    cheapo one tend to brake and become very dangerous.

  23. chocolatemaster5000 says:

    BOB!!! o_O

  24. chocolatemaster5000 says:


  25. chocolatemaster5000 says:


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