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also location of power berries in harvest moon hero of leaf valley psp. 1- Flower shop/Tool Shop Area –To the left of the Flower bed by Lyla’s store 2- Town Square –Front of the Flower/tool shop sign 3- Supermarket Area –The mound of earth in front of the store, between the two trees 4- Bar/Cafe Area –The tree middle near the northern part of the area 5- Goddess Spring Area –Near the bridge 6- Pike Mountain Area –The top of the stairs 7- Pike Mountain Area –In the very center of the area 8- Carpenter’s house Area –Near the stairs in the center of the map 9- Carpenter’s house Area –Near the righthand set of stairs 10- Clove’s Villa Area –The tree at the top right of the stairs cheat,hint,tips,tutorial for psp harvest moon hero of leaf valley
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25 Responses to “how to increase STRENGTH level in harvest moon hero of leaf valley psp”

  1. imdouble10 says:

    yes, i works with the red dog (just one)

  2. SHIKI BRAZA says:

    I though that there are only 5 power berries in HM Hero of leaf valley.

  3. Phoenix1Gulmon says:

    Yeah I Don’t know Either Do You Know Now If You Know Please Tell Me.

  4. Phoenix1Gulmon says:

    so if your dog get the wrong thing the power berry will never appear in that area? someone please reply to this.

  5. sabadojb23 says:

    what a coincidence, we have the same name of the dog

  6. 360coins says:

    well i can make millions of money without selling those pirate sickoes xD

  7. 360coins says:

    hey do you know how to have a baby? :( ( i married lyla and she didnt ***** me xD

  8. 360coins says:

    wel its great for presents

  9. 360coins says:

    well its great for presents

  10. narutoshippuden2405 says:

    hey this is narutoshippuden2405 can i request to how to get a dog pls thanks

  11. Jaracoustic says:

    i tame the red one it can be works?

  12. toyoljohor84 says:

    you need feed in the dog bowl every day(dont miss 1 day until 3 week).and pick-up after 3 week.

  13. Jaracoustic says:

    do you know how to get a dog?? or tame it

  14. Rockkstar Syed says:

    my dog has 5 hearts and when i see my blnce sheet and when i press on dog heart level… there the game say me “”My Best Friend”"….. when i play oracina 1st time it will find power berry

  15. Johanna Camille Quesada says:

    Too bad dogs in Harvest Moon are stupid.

  16. jcboycortez12 says:

    Dog = Courage… STUPID DOG!

  17. Rabbitboy4641 says:

    I got it yester day on 12/26/11

  18. pisangg683 says:

    Too bad i got corrupt data at the end of year 2.

  19. pisangg683 says:

    I glad that even Malaysia people play this awesome game.I also from Malaysia.By the way you can get only 5 power berries in this game.4 in video and one from harvest sprite.In order to get power berries from harvest sprite you must gain FP about 2 heart each of them or three of them and also have about 4 heart for your dog.Harvest sprite love mushroom so give them everyday and you will triger an event with harvest sprite.

  20. djcue88 says:

    Thanks men appriciate it..

  21. toyoljohor84 says:

    i’m lazy selling item.

  22. toyoljohor84 says:

    yes. you right.

  23. pisangg683 says:

    What you still got about 127050g in winter.I got about 200000g in the end of the fall by fishing a pirate treasure everyday.(something a fishing a rare item for money).

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