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I will show you how you can build a really cheap and simple DIY sharpening jig for shop grinders, to sharpen your woodturning chisels and any other woodworking chizels fast and far better than using the crappy tool rests that grinders come with. A great addition to any shop grinder that does not already have one and costs much less than buying one. woodworking woodtuning jigs jig woodwork wood work shop woodtuner woodworker projects project davidmark norm abram new yankee workshop gouge skew parting tool

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25 Responses to “How To Build Sharpening Jig For The Bench Grinder – Woodturning Tools”

  1. disvea says:

    Ur one smart lil fucker ahhah good on ya what brand grinder you using ?

  2. mooker4311 says:

    Brilliantly simple and effective! Someone pat that young man on the back and buy him a nice shiny tool or something!!

  3. firewatch059 says:

    thanks for the video. made mine out of scrap i had in my shop. works great! saved me a lot of money!

  4. Charles Cowen says:

    made my jig today from your instructions and it looks just perfect. Just starting to wood turn and my grinder comes to-morrow so here goes my attempts to sharpen wood chisels. Cheers kid.

  5. elghian says:

    A very good way to sharpen your tools. The only fear I have is that if the chisel ‘digs’ in (by making the angle more acute) it could drive the tool through your body. Just an observation!

  6. Pasha674 says:

    если он это действительно сам сделал – то он просто молодец! в пространстве между двумя домами организовать мастерскую – просто супер!

  7. TeenWoodworker says:

    Ha! You said it!

  8. IansIrishwoodwork says:

    2 knobs are better than one haha

  9. TeenWoodworker says:

    A fingernail grind is definatly favored for its versatillity. There is some debate however that the traditional grind is better for making finishing cuts. It is certainly easier to sharpen, both will cut as quick as the other (more or less).
    It is a matter of choice really, Alex.

  10. TheInternalKillerXx says:

    wow awesome, is there any significant advantage having a finger nail over a traditional grind? i dont care it it cuts faster or slower, I want easy cheap sharpening,

    Thanks and awesome vid btw.

  11. TeenWoodworker says:

    For a fingernail grind you will need an additonal jig in order to sharpen a bowl gouge. There is another grind, which I think was the original where it is much like a spindle gouge so it would work for that. I will have a look to see if it is realistic to make another jig, Alex.

  12. TheInternalKillerXx says:

    Hi, will this work with a bowl gouge? doenst it require some other type of accesory? can you try and build one and show how its done? ;)

  13. awdan4th says:

    I built this jig, and it works great!! Thanks.

  14. odmcarp says:

    Excellent video !!! No background noise, so we could understand you clearly , the camera is on a stand so there is absolutely no shaking, which makes us want to keep watching. Your detailed demonstration makes for a informative lesson. Very impressive !!! Thank you for uploading.

  15. quedecree says:

    Videos like this one make youTube the brilliant resource that it is! Great job, thanks.

  16. TeenWoodworker says:

    Yes it is from axminster, can’t remember what model it is but you should be able to find iit on thier site.

  17. caravanuser says:

    Yet again, a great video. What make and model is the grinder? Looks like an Axminster…

  18. NickellNo1 says:

    I’m a time served Joiner with over 35 years experience so consider myself qualified to tell you that your jig is excellent. I have made one and had excellent results. Thanks. Les.

  19. carr869 says:

    Nice job. Now that I see how easy it is to make one I’m going to try it. Thanks.

  20. surfflyfish4striper says:

    thank you kid, i was wondering how to build a jig instead of paying 80.00 for a wolverine jig. you now your homework.

  21. robblac says:

    your sorry ? tell the wanker to fuck off !

  22. TeenWoodworker says:

    Hi there, im 15 and i would probably say that i have been working on the lathe for the last 3 years but only really well and perfecting my technique in the last 6 months.
    Thanks for watching, be sure to check out my other videos,

  23. KKonundrum1 says:

    This video was actually extremely helpful. How old is this kid? and How long has he been working on a lathe?

  24. MrLeonard55 says:

    OK, Thanks and i’ll have your wood in the mail this week.

  25. TeenWoodworker says:

    This grindstone actually came with the jig, but i think it can be bought from

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