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HOW TO BUILD A KEEZER by Northern Brewer

In this video, Northern Brewer shows you one way to build a KEEZER (aka kegerator). It’s a fairly easy process that results in many years of homebrewed beer on a multitude of taps. For more information on the parts and equipment involved:

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24 Responses to “HOW TO BUILD A KEEZER by Northern Brewer”

  1. quantm1366 says:

    What type and size is this freezer?

  2. WBeez says:

    Great Video, thank you! I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind: 1. Is the Stout line hooked up differently than the other 5 main lines? Or, did you just put it on the side to dedicate it to stouts and identify it? 2. Are there advantages other than space to keep your CO2 tank in or out of the freezer? Will it be affected if it is outside and it’s in very high temperatures during the summer? 3. Do you also run star san through the lines after they’re cleaned with pbw? Thanks!

  3. screamincheese530 says:

    question… do you need a freezer in which you are able to adjust the temperature, or would the temperature control unit do that for you? i have a chest freezer that you can’t set the temp on. you just plug it in, and it’s cold. i’m wondering if the external temp control unit adjusts the temperature for you.

  4. slythersky3 says:

    v8 juice on the right side :P

  5. nsgreenw says:

    That is awesome

  6. ExactHaddock98 says:

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  7. Lukas Otheguy says:

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  8. tenderscootch says:

    I bought some parts from you guys for this project. The swivel nuts do not seem airtight. by which I mean the tailpiece inside the nut doesn’t have a gasket or anything. Is this ok?

  9. pwned101 says:

    I’d love to move into kegging and build one of these setups. But I don’t know how many kegs I could finish on my own before they all spoil.

  10. karrrupt says:

    Do you have a complete parts list for this project you could share?

  11. MrPittsburghJ says:

    Dudes… you are destined to have me piss off the old lady now with this new project. I’ve been bottling for a year now & I’m getting tired of having to wait for the priming sugar to get some carbonation going!

  12. Boom Bap says:

    I applied my wood filler/putty on the inside joints and went around the inner base with my adhesive. Like they say there are many ways and that was mine.

  13. 540Pariah says:

    nice video, thanks for posting!

  14. rollingstopp says:

    im gonna use a redwood 2×4 for mine ,also my taps are gonna stick out a little further.- And im gonna build a base undernearth,outta 2×10 and plywood so it will be off the ground

  15. sleephla says:

    You need to buy a temperature controller (Johnson brand is good) to keep the beer at the 39-43 F that most prefer.

  16. BEER RELATED says:

    Hi QQ – does it matter regarding the collar size? Can they be smaller the 2X4? Thanks..

  17. severedtesticles says:

    This is s great video!…but….how to you regulate temperature control? Obviously we don’t want temperatures below 3-4 degrees C in the keezer…are most/all chest freezers capable of holding temeratures as high as 8-10 degrees C (required for most ales)?

  18. n2prs says:

    which freezer is this?

  19. n2prs says:

    what make and model is that chest freezer?

  20. teabaggeratx says:

    Great vid….regarding the drip tray….How do you know where to drill versus not to drill to avoid hitting your cooling lines. I have a 7.2 CU GE ….I want to add a drip tray but magnets wont work…I am scared to death of drilling and hitting a line – rendering my whole project useless. Any Tips?!? Thanks

  21. NorthernBrewerTV says:

    Cody, the video’s host and asst. manager at NB Minneapolis added this moments later:
    “It’s called Lexel – a silicone alternative. I chose it because it worked at low temps, and I was building mine on the porch in the winter. Also liked it because it worked on both plastic and wood, which we needed.”

  22. NorthernBrewerTV says:

    Silicone would work…. ask your hardware store with plastic/vinyl-to-wood adhesive they suggest. Explain your project and I’m sure they’d love to help – then come share in the final product!

  23. blawjr says:

    What did you use for attaching the wood to the top of the keezer? Is it silicone?

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