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In this episode of Let’s Get Down and Dirty, Frank Fontana shows what tools and materials you would need to build your own cigar box, coffee table. He then brings on his general carpenter, Robert North from HGTV’s Design to Sell to help complete the build. For plans to this project, visit cat:woodworking
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2 Responses to “How to Build a Cigar Box Coffee Table with Frank Fontana”

  1. synapse131 says:

    Polyurethane is the worst thing to use. It cannot be sanded out and refinished without´╗┐ removing all of the poly since it’s like a thin coat of plastic and comes off like a thin coat of plastic. Better to use shellac, varnish, or some other finish product that can be sanded and touched up without have to redo the entire piece.

  2. Sjackson2369 says:

    diving is a perfectly fine passtime. thats how i got my snare´╗┐ drum

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