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How I Curl My Hair!

CURLING IRON! 1 inch Hot Tools Curling Iron My Website! : Direct Link to my Fashion Blog!! Come check out my beauty page for quotes & love! http Come say hi !!! I love tweeting! Instagram: @CarliBel @TheFashionBybel – My Fashion Page for OOTD
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “How I Curl My Hair!”

  1. SharonD11598 says:

    I don’t know what your talking about but when curling your hair at opposite directions, doesn’t “give it a natural look”. Doing that actually prevents the curls from intertwining.

  2. xxForeverGlitter says:

    Amy Harripersad*

  3. xxForeverGlitter says:

    @ Ami Harrisad she is using a Hot Tools curling iron

  4. falcore19 says:

    Can you ask your mom how she made you those beautiful round breasts?

  5. BrookeLynnJ says:

    what temperature should you have the curling iron on?

  6. Samantha Gomez says:

    Well she said she just puts the bobby pin so the curl can last longer so…… Yhu would probably just leave the curl down but it wont last as long

  7. pwedupl says:

    with hairs like Yours any kind of hirestyle will look amazing <3

  8. purplelonghorn07 says:

    I’ve never thought to do it this way! My hair always kinks when i do it the regular way. Im going to see if this way works for me!

  9. mahafadel123 says:

    The girl is so beautiful ;)

  10. immergoodmusic says:


  11. Savina Carr says:

    You look just like Pia Toscana

  12. barbivagyok1 says:

    you look-a-like katy perry :D

  13. Aaliyah Dee says:

    You’re beautiful!

  14. PhireJoy says:

    her eyebrows are all but alive and crawling around her face

  15. rinabr93 says:

    I think other people say it also, but you are such a beautyful girl

  16. hayylee says:

    thank you SO much for this video. I can curl my hair but I’ve always done it really awkwardly and made it ten times harder for myself and your vid has just helped me millions! so thank you :D

  17. Meadow Craig says:

    wat if u dont have any bobypins

  18. Софья р says:

    you are very beautiful

  19. kels brown says:

    Hi carli!!! Can you please tell me how you get your hair cut/cut your hair. I want the type of long bangs you have that I can flip back, but every time I get a haircut its not what I want, even when I bring a picture. Pleasee help Im dying to know, I prob just explain it really bad but I hope you know what im talking about lol thanks!! love you and your video soooo much xoxo <33

  20. GlamSeamless says:

    Get hair like this with tape in hair extensions from Glam Seamless!

  21. GlamSeamless says:

    Get hair like this with tape in hair extensions from Glam Seamless!

  22. steawbite024 says:

    you look like megan fox! lucky

  23. Wilma Waller says:

    Carli, can I curl my hair like this even if I have medium long hair?

  24. Kuky Andujar says:

    can you do a katy perrry look

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