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Homemade Table Saw Sliding Table Demo

Making a cut on the sliding table of my homemade table saw. Read about it here:

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13 Responses to “Homemade Table Saw Sliding Table Demo”

  1. MisterSoul99 says:

    Thats given me an idea for another project.

  2. sacky136 says:

    alot of dust will getting in your drawslide hahaha

  3. ycats1000 says:

    that sled / fence is awesome….

  4. filip30able says:

    goob ok amigo 

  5. Reinaldomogiano says:


  6. jpheisz says:

    Thanks again.I don’t often find myself needing to crosscut anything wider than 24″, so this limit is fine for me.
    As for making it differently, there are lots of other things to consider – my space was limited, since the saw motor is directly beneath this sliding table.
    A panel saw would be nice to quickly cut up full sheets to rough size – building in the kind of accuracy this sliding has would be very difficult. I use 2 saw horses, a skilsaw and a saw board to cut sheets.

  7. deezynar says:

    I guessed that capacity was your priority. It stinks to have a board that’s just a bit too wide to fit in the saw. I run into that w/ my crosscut sled too often. Because it’s important to me to get the wood past the saw blade, I think I’d use steel tube & rollers to make longer guide rails rather than use drawer glides. It’s just personal preference. On the other hand, I’ve been thinking about making a panel saw & dealing w/ the issue that way. Anyway, I admire your skills.

  8. jpheisz says:

    Thanks! Making it so that the fence goes past the blade reduces the cut capacity by that distance. I was more interested in maximizing this than having the work clear the blade. Most of the time I would slide the work sideways, away from the blade after the cut anyway, so not a big deal.
    The slides are 28″ full extension and it has a maximum crosscut (at 90 degrees) of about 24″.

  9. deezynar says:

    I like it. The only thing I would think about changing is having the fence pass completely by the saw blade when the cut is complete. I don’t care to have the blade continue to rub the side of the sawn wood while it spins down. I assume you used 24″ glides and 48″ is the max travel?

  10. jpheisz says:

    Thank you!

  11. Jay2525Jay says:


  12. jpheisz says:


  13. TheBobbybits says:


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