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Watch as Mitchell Dillman, “the Online carpenter” at ,demonstrates 6 easy ways how to cut metal in your Home Metal-Shop. In this video Mitchell covers these 6 metal cutting tools 1. Angle Grinder 2. Abrasive Cut-Off Saw 3. Metal Cutting Band-Saw 4. Tin Snips 5. Electric Metal Shears 6. Oxy-Acetylene Torch And remember, it doesn’t matter what you are cutting, your eyes are one of the most important tools you have. ALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION! Now, click “Subscribe” and Go To:
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25 Responses to “Home Metal-Shop Tips 101: 6 Easy Ways How To Cut Metal”

  1. MrMldillman says:

    yep, =) that’s what it’s all about, Fun! Thanks for watching

  2. tetroxide1 says:

    That dude is having way too much fun. Wait… is that a thing? Nice vid!

  3. MrMldillman says:

    Thank You Fred…thank you for watching!

  4. Fred Miller says:

    Yes it will. Just be patient and keep passing through the same cut. It is important to keep the angle grinder perpendicular to the slot as you go deeper into the work so you do not pinch the thin blade in the work. You will use quite a few disks when cutting heavier metal. Keep you head and eyes out of the path of the disk and wear safety glasses or better yet a full face mask. Good luck..;

  5. Fred Miller says:

    Liked very much your tutorial on cutting metal. I have all of them and the latest is a 40 amp plasma cutter. I make a lot of projects including gasifiers and it is invaluable for cutting holes in drums etc. Also like the reminder of using safety glasses. We need to stress that as often as we can. Well done, Michael!

  6. MrMldillman says:

    happy to help…thank you for watching!

  7. bobdogchan2000 says:

    This is great thank you!  I have learned so much!

  8. MrMldillman says:

    thank You Daniel…Thanks for watching, thanks for subscribing, and thank You for taking time to comment! :D

  9. danielhenson95 says:

    Thank you for this video! I’m a new subscriber and I have to say that your videos are some of the most informative on YouTube.

  10. MrMldillman says:

    right on, thank you for watching and subscribing!

  11. udizzy1969 says:

    dude ur real helpful, thanks, checkout my video’s. keep up the good work

  12. MrMldillman says:

    good choice, you can cut a whole lot of metal with an angle grinder!

  13. dirtTdude says:

    Abrasive Cut-Off Saw huh… i can’t justify a horizontal compound bandsaw but im going to get 3 angle grinders, one for a cutting disk, one for a grinding disk and one for a flapper, this die grinder, sawzall and file business is for the friggin birds

  14. MrMldillman says:

    yes, but you’d better plan on getting a case of cutt-off discs! what in the heck are you working on?

  15. steelvill117 says:

    will an angle grinder cut 1/2 inch thick steel?

  16. MrMldillman says:

    Благодарю Вас за просмотр в России!

  17. kanaevaset says:

    я удивляюсь,неужто этому гандону русский язык выучить сложно?

  18. MrMldillman says:

    yeah they do, plasma cutters cut metal real good!
    …I gotta get me one of those for sure :D

  19. TheProudFarmer says:

    Plasma cutters also work for cutting metal, but they are similar to the cutting torches

  20. James Stern says:

    I had originally tried to leave this link but alas the tube would not allow it.
    the original skin at deviant art dot com

  21. MrMldillman says:

    so the plan is to keep on making all sorts of cool stuff geting better as you go and have fun!
    …and the t-shirts, yep :D

  22. James Stern says:

    you have inspired me to weld

    make some t-shirts

  23. MrMldillman says:

    hey Thanks James! 

  24. James Stern says:


  25. MrMldillman says:

    oh yeah, i hear ya…learn to weld structurally and make some good money, you’ll have plenty of time to do the artistic stuff later!

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