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For Full Episodes: — This specific episode can be found at and contains the following stories: The Worst ISP In The US! Must Have Tech Tools, Pick The Right NAS, UN Gets Hacked, Easy Video Streaming To PS3 And Xbox, and Free CAD Software! This YouTube segment of today’s episode includes: How to stream video from your computer to your console, Playing DVDs At 24fps, and our favorite Blu-ray releases for August 2nd, 2011! More Details on Today’s YouTube Stories: Stream Video To Your PS3 or Xbox 360: Want to stream video across your home network to your console? Whether you have a PS3 or Xbox 360, we have an answer for you. Both PS3 Media Server and TVersity work pretty well, but watch the video to find out which one’s the right choice for you. Next up: Playing DVDs At 24fps — After our segment about playing DVDs at 24fps, we got a few emails from our viewers about their own setups. Watch the video to find out what methods work and which ones… don’t. Finally: New Blu-ray Releases for August 2nd, 2011 – New releases for this week include Conan the Barbarian, The Magnificent Seven, Better Off Dead, and more! Watch the video for details on our favorites, and check out High-Def Digest and High Def Disc News for the full list of releases. We won’t hate ya if you Like, Comment, and Share This Video! (Thanks.) This specific FULL episode can be found over at Revision3. Find it at: for the following stories: The Worst ISP In The US

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27 Responses to “HD Nation – Easy Video Streaming to PS3 & Xbox 360, TVersity, Play DVDs at 24fps, Blu-ray Releases Aug 2”

  1. superman6327 says:

    plz help me how i put my gameplay videos on youtube i have xbox360 slim?

  2. peaceworldlifes says:

    tversity have srt subtitles? i been try find it crap hard find shit it

    can you please help me for clear better indoction for how srt subtitle on ps3?

  3. PKmode says:

    Hey guys, is there a way to get TVersity or a similar program to work with a Sony S570? Thanks so much in advance!

  4. batman449 says:

    One word… GEEKS

  5. i7vSa7vi7y says:

    @likesyoutubing1 getting a movie thats on your pc it makes sense to have it on. Its not just going to turn on just the hard drive by itself

  6. bittyboy82 says:

    If you have a computer on your network with Media Center you can use the Xbox 360 as a Media Extender.

  7. JelleTouwen says:

    how can i change my age on xbox live ?

  8. merts487 says:

    @Tekkwire Now it’s conclusive. “Missouri” it is. How is the weather in Missouri I’ve never been there. I’ve only been to Alaska, Arizona, and California.

  9. merts487 says:

    @Tekkwire I remember my high school English teacher about this arguement. This is what she said; “I say Missoura/ruh because I’m from there”. So I am guessing people from that state pronounces Missoroiruh instead of Missouri.

  10. cubby1996 says:

    *cough* Media Center

  11. andyansyah7869 says:

    talk to long….

  12. Leivonmies says:

    PS3 Media Server is excellent for Xbox 360 too! You should give it a shot if you’re on 360.

  13. NATA8986 says:

    What About Ripped Games ?

  14. NATA8986 says:

    Hi, there is a lot of videos on youtube about Wii Homebrew hack, but they are not good as proper tutorials . Can You make one ?

  15. austinite04 says:

    Nice video this week, looks great on My CLEAR4G WI-MAX..

  16. jeipiyaku says:

    @TEKHD oh that sucks, the stream speed from where im from is much slower in revision3 than in yt.. anyway i guess its better that not watching it

  17. TEKHD says:

    @eddles777 We appreciate your feedback, Ash. Unfortunately, it’s due to circumstances beyond our control that we can’t post full episodes to YT anymore. You can always download them from Rev3 if you don’t wish to stream them there. Thanks.

  18. MegaPantsParty says:

    what i did was just open up network sharing to both my systems and they just used my computer as network drive. It was really easy and xbox has a media update for it to play more diverse types of files

  19. Flyingheart111 says:

    Do your body a favour and lose some weight guys, im doing the same thing.. you´ll feel 10x times better.

  20. eddles777 says:

    @TEKHD i dont like you guys trying to make us all move to your site to get your ad money up =(

  21. jewelswoolf says:

    @bbkwik “Gee, I’m real sorry your mom blew up, Ricky.”

  22. PaulJamieson1 says:

    LOL 11:27 “I want my two dollars!”

  23. bbkwik says:

    This is pure snow! Do you have any idea what the street value of this mountain is?

  24. TEKHD says:

    @jeipiyaku Sorry, we didn’t mean to include that story in the title for this YouTube segment. The NAS story is in the full version over at Revision3. See the link in the description below, along with what other stories you’ll find over there. We apologize for the confusion. Thanks

  25. mrgt400 says:

    HOLY SHIT NO TOP COMMENTS! My time to shine! … um, hi :3

  26. My brother suggested I may like this blog. He was once totally right. This submit actually made my day. You can not imagine just how so much time I had spent for this info! Thank you!

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