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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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26 Responses to “FLYING ROBOT FRIEND — Mind Blow #43”

  1. Ihatespammers8 says:

    the quadroters…. dear god it has begun

  2. Amanda Gomes says:

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  3. Casey Schlegelmilch says:

    They are probably using BOT accounts to thumbs up there spam, so that more people see and say “Hey alot of people like this, it must work!”

  4. MormonNipple says:

    0:38 and that’s when we all turn into the fat people in Wall-e

  5. rusty shackleford says:

    Well, were fucked

  6. aaron8862006 says:

    Cool show, horrible presenter.

  7. Sagara Sousuke says:

    What if humans were also created by -unknown- and we destroyed them? D:

  8. Mateus Castro says:

  9. michaeltothehemple says:

    i sorry

  10. ndbeauty18 says:

    That’s not very nice :(

  11. michaeltothehemple says:

    -_- i felt pretty damn stupid reading that… obviously a bot was used to thumbs up it..

  12. GamerMikey95 says:

    They don´t, they use artificial “likes.”

  13. SamaraiSmasher says:

    their bots

  14. Cheezetouch says:

    Actually, it’s robots.

  15. walker19990 says:

    terminator anyone?

  16. MrRatermat says:

    It could be a bot

  17. RebutPR2 says:

    its a like bot

  18. Master22Productions says:


  19. bobrulerofall says:

    they should combine the shoulder robot with the jogging robot.

  20. alex hickley says:

    doese that thing hold a 450 pound man cause thats where we are

  21. MyMEGAnerd says:

    Because its Delicious.

  22. Max Loh says:

    The bots and fake accounts controlled by the spammers thumbs up the spam, not real people, silly. 

  23. conoryayy says:

    2:17 is that demitri martin?!

  24. MarkusM121 says:

    3:15 Yeah personal Clank.

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