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Quality Carpenter Tools Will Help You Create Masterpieces ForKa 200, the mobile manual edgebander by Felder guarantees perfect application of banding to edges. The machine is capable of treating arched, segmented and formed edges.

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5 Responses to “Edgebander – FELDER Forka 200 woodworking – Felder Group”

  1. bamilton says:

    When the edgebander is stationary mode and he is doing curved piece, how is the panel staying raised? Is the edgetape just going on flush with bottom?

  2. wael hosni says:

    Thank you for your help

  3. Felder Austria says:

    Go to “” and choose your country. There you will find all information where to buy this machine.

  4. wael hosni says:

    how can i got this machine please help me

  5. buywoodworkingplans says:

    Great Video!

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