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Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, Inc, which designs, manufactures and sells a wide variety of woodworking hand planes and tools, held 2 days of interactive demonstrations in the Building Construction Technology’s area during January 2009. This demonstration, presented by woodworking instructor Paul Sellers shows how to make dovetail joints by only using hand tools.

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22 Responses to “Creating a dovetail joint with hand tools”

  1. betlogboy says:

    damn, i really want to be a master carpenter.

  2. marioelectrico says:

    the cameraman, sucks.

  3. helenlovespaul says:

    how do you make sure the dove tails are all the same size and fit in to the joint?

  4. odietarceo says:

    so I’d never cut a dovetail before (too afraid)…but after just watching this video a few times, it took me three attempts with a miter saw (all I’ve got) and a coping saw to get at an accurate, though VERY rough joint (the first two times I wasn’t paying attention to what pieces I cut out. It really is intuitive. All’s I can say is that this guy has just taught me a hell of a lot about something I could never do, and if I get the right saw and practice alot, I feel I can do this!

  5. monibuish says:

    Trying to make a dovetail joint yeah.

  6. Thejwgrant says:

    Ass backwards on the paring. Id leave pins and tails proud and pare with a l.a.blockplane rather than how you reduced the overall dimensions of the piece. If youre gonna emphasize skill ,dont show how to compound mistakes

  7. PaulSellersWoodwork says:

    These are my hands and that’s my voice. I’m Paul Sellers and I was so surprised this video existed. It’s my two-minute dovetail, fast, efficient and accurate. I’ve made 130,000 joints by hand in my lifetime and if this gives you confidence to cut your own dovetails, great!

  8. Fetzenwolf says:

    Very good but not perfect.

  9. zonkozonko says:

    I would have used a Mallet, or a piece of scrap wood with the hammer. Just Nit picking very good video.

  10. FlashmoreGash says:

    Complete pro!

  11. madwilliamflint says:

    Wow. As someone who’s just getting started this is really spectacular to see.

  12. lynwenmg says:

    Check out this guy’s videos. I just found his website artisanco. Never seen woodworking videos like it. Awesome!

  13. Donegaldan says:

    Very good instruction and skills, There is nothing as sweet as the sound of a sharp plane.

  14. professoreinstoned says:

    who else thought this was for weed?

  15. KevKevAllen says:

    Great vid on how to saw out a dovetail! But I would have just used sandpaper instead of a planer…

  16. NixonAre says:

    thats a 3 min dovetale, and he`s not even worked up

  17. FeRgAlFeRg1 says:

    Does he have a licence for those guns!?

  18. alderaforall says:

    at least someone had the decency to lay that plane flat instead of leaving it sitting on the blade

  19. Charrister says:

    Can I come to your class!!! :)

  20. shanondor says:

    could you explain the measurements for me please also was that a japanese hand saw thanks

  21. elchuyitojr says:

    exelente video facil esacto rapido y muy bien detallado

  22. charade97 says:

    I’d like to see it again with a little less noise and arms in the way.

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