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Cook Like a Pro With Chef Casey Lane

Learn how to make restaurant quality meals with a few new techniques. Three-time James Beard Award nominee, chef Casey Lane will teach you how to take your cooking from ordinary to extraordinary. Casey’s dishing out his quick do-it-yourself tricks of the trade… the professional chef trade that is. As the owner and chef at two restaurant hotspots, the Tasting Kitchen in Venice and Downtown LA’s The Parish, Casey will show you how to master the kitchen in your own home and easily impress your guests. QUESTIONS: What dish would you like to learn to cook better? Subscribe to behind-the-scenes interviews with a new culinary master each week: Find out what else Tasted has in store for you: 7 Questions in the Kitchen highlights popular chefs and food experts answering questions in their very own kitchen. We get culinary masters to talk about their passions, from a special cuisine to their favorite gadgets, and then show you the tricks of the trade. Watch and discover new, never-before-aired information about all the chefs you should know, and learn how their professional knowledge applies to you at home. Check out more episodes of 7 Questions:

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10 Responses to “Cook Like a Pro With Chef Casey Lane”

  1. jackka82 says:

    3:35 The answer to question no. 5 : BACON GREASE IS AWESOME !

  2. Baxxter101 says:

    Dude nice. Learned a few good things from this guy. Thanks.

  3. Grimdopple says:

    some times when i see greens, work on them, or eat them, even if im just watching them on the tv my upper lip sorta tense up, is that a thing?

  4. evanalian says:

    hah! purple-blue meat tastes the best!

  5. Huba588 says:

    Very great presentation and tips. As an avid food/culinary vid viewer, this rates at the top.

  6. captainsolo76 says:

    you guys have one of the most informative and applicable information on youtube. I am glad I found you guys!

  7. veggietorials says:

    Great tip about finishing the pasta off in the sauce.

  8. itsmaxinthebox says:

    If you continue the technique for more repetitions it will finish to a well done steak. You may need to do it 6 times as an example. The number of cycles will be relative to the meat type, thickness and your equipment. Experiment a bit and find the right temp and cycle count for your equipment and meat. The cooling is important though because it ensures that you don’t end up with outside of the meat over cooked.

  9. phillyb87 says:

    Agreed…I LOVE this channel!

  10. reallybigd says:

    Very interesting, and I’m very glad I sub’d a few weeks ago. This channel should blow up anytime

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