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CHEAPEST SOLAR HOME HEATER INSTALL PART 2 by Missouri Wind and Solar reviews

Missouri Wind And Solar website You can also find us on Ebay at http Our facebook page Check out our forum on wind and solar This video shows the solar hot air home heater that can be built by you with some basic knowledege of carpentry tools. Two of these can heat a typical ranch size house. We sell the dvd on how to build these on our website, here’s the link http We now sell the complete solar hot air heater assembled at our store for 98.00 plus shipping. These units can easily pay for themselves in the first year, then it’s FREE heat from there on out. See the hot air heater installed at our store Missouri Wind And Solar 332 Cobblestone Drive Seymour, Mo. 65746 email
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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25 Responses to “CHEAPEST SOLAR HOME HEATER INSTALL PART 2 by Missouri Wind and Solar reviews”

  1. nateleg says:

    cool. i just need a contractor to help me now.

  2. jeffmolly1 says:

    You can but the dvd off our website.

  3. nateleg says:

    Where can I buy one of these in California?

  4. EvendimataE says:

    how much $ do you save in a month?

  5. FidelKastrat says:

    it also looks very good – very important as well !

  6. 2JobsStillPoorUSA says:

    @spider69man The idea is to supplement your existing furnace. My furnace only runs when it gets below 65*F at night. Which with a sufficiently insulated house doesn’t occur until early morning. My furnace during the day is set @68*F it barely if ever runs during the day. I don’t have one exactly like this, I designed mine as a “winter only” heater that sits in a south facing window and is removable in spring/summer. These really work!

  7. johnnnyreb51 says:

    How do you make “Hot AIR” when the unit is not in the sun?

  8. ebertmadwoman says:

    what do you make yours out of?

  9. donsjuand says:

    Keep it up guys :) Just curious, why tape the holes? esthetics? Have you ever considered using a generic thin aluminum sheet flat adhered to thin board or a cheap and light material such as eggcrate with a thin frame around it? Also what is the reasoning to use a fan? Does it increase heat flow vs. natural hot rise drafts enough to earn its cost to buy and run? What is the reasoning?

  10. mmmlllzzz100 says:

    hi,does the fan have a probe for the thermostat or is it on the casing of the fan?Also can you reverse the fan around so it pushes cold air into the intake (which is way more efficient than sucking warm air)?

  11. apunkfromatl says:

    NO heat at night?!?! What do you do then?? What if there’s no sun out in the day?
    What do you use as heat???

  12. tdk1955 says:

    That’s funny cause they sell wind turbines, there is at least 4 mounted on the roof of that building.

  13. ncbookz says:

    it would be better to add rocks or brick in route of the system then you would have heat at night also!

  14. jeffmolly1 says:

    it’s heated from the sun. it doesnt put out heat at night.

  15. spider69man says:

    How do you get heat at night?

  16. garyshouse305 says:

    add some cheap wall mirrors during cold weather to increase the solar gain.

  17. granitestatedave says:

    From the sound of the wind in the background, maybe you should consider a wind turbine.

  18. jeffmolly1 says:

    it’s mounted on a south facing wall.

  19. catalinsimion2 says:

    Hmm, your solar panel is not mounted to be directly in the sun. I’m wondering why you didn’t choose an appropriate wall ?

  20. jeffmolly1 says:

    i get it at missouri wind and solar

  21. superdplum says:

    where did you get your fan?

  22. silverbird58 says:

    i think its pretty sleek

  23. jeffmolly1 says:

    the blower is not set up to do that.

  24. samueladams7 says:

    Okay BUT I was thinking blowing the air UP through the unit with blower on the bottom, drawing the cooler air INTO the unit at the bottom forcing it out the top so the AC cord doesn’t just hang along the wall as seen in the video.

  25. jeffmolly1 says:

    the idea is to draw cold air from your floor and heat it ..

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