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Students will learn fundamental skills using a variety of wood sizes and numerous tools of the trade. They will create projects ranging from simple, to complete layout an dconstruction of a residential property. The ability to read complex blueprints and measuring to within a tolerance of + or – 1/16th of an inch is required. In this cours the students will use handsaws, power saws, hammers, vises, screwdrivers, pliers, routers, drill presses, and a variety of unmentioned hand and power tools applicable to the trade. At the end of the program, a students job readiness and master of skils will be meansured based on testin and standards of the National Assessment Institute.
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  1. bigb147 says:

    At .45secs!!! You never use a belt sander to remove the aris from doors. No.5 plane along each edge once to get the perfect finish.

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