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How to get rid of Carpenter Bee Infestation, wood boring bees, DIY extermination This video shows an environmentally safe way to harmlessly remove carpenter bees from your house and other wood structures around your yard. Green insect extermination and relocation. The Dark Side: You must treat the nest with some material which will last a long period of time so it will effectively stop the larva. If you spray liquid residuals in their hole, you may kill the female. The eggs are protected, however, and six to twelve months later the larva will emerge. Since liquids are absorbed by porous wood, the treatment will be gone when the larva finally hatches. This means the larva have a strong chance of survival. To insure complete control, use a dust called DRIONE. It has a desiccant (dehydrating) action and when the larva emerge they will be killed quickly. It is recommended that entry holes are treated with Drione and then sealed using a special 1/2″ CORK. This will protect the dust from breaking down and enable it to last long enough to kill any emerging larva in the future. Plugging the holes with a cork instead of using wood filler means the tunnels will be accessible for emerging bees when they hatch from their protective egg chambers. When they do finally emerge (which will be either later this year or early next year), the bees will crawl over the Drione and meet their demise. The corks will also allow you to tell which holes you have treated so new ones can be quickly

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2 Responses to “Carpenter Bee Infestation, wood boring bees, DIY extermination”

  1. tomsapp says:

    I took orange peel and soaked it in clove oil (eugenol oil at walmart), stuck a it in the holes and plugged the holes with a piece of wine cork (cut into 4 long strips). The corks are still in place undisturbed 6 months later after plugging about 50 holes.

  2. inchulk says:

    Thanks! I just smoked it out and filled the hole, but I need to keep her away now…what would you recommend as a ‘strong citrus solution’?

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