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Project converting my 16′ cargo trailer into a tool shop, setup with welder, plasma cutter, air compressor, drill press and grinder etc, it’s all powerd with a 1967 Kohler 5000 Watt Power plant. A practice project building a 17′ gate.
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9 Responses to “Cargo Trailer converted in to a work shop and tool shed”

  1. shaley2400 says:

    Nice workshop, i also like the editing. What is the effect called that has the pictures slightly zooming out? and transitions?

  2. chamblizi says:

    screw the chevy but i love your organized work shop

  3. Jamin Mayer says:

    What happens when you drive over large bumps or rail road tracks? Does stuff go flying?

  4. krcims says:

    Very creative with the cargo trailer,nice job on the fence too!

  5. azsako says:

    Maybe a dumb question, but how heavy is that. I’m planning something similar. I don’t have close to the amount of tools and equipment you have, and I was worried about it being too heavy. Mine should be lite compared to yours. Very cool, thanks for the Vid

  6. onthatone says:

    Thats fantastic…Thank You.

  7. pistolero2007lv says:

    hey cowboy just stopped by to say hello. hope all is well with you.

  8. teethofthelamb says:


  9. qwertyfshag says:

    i bet your wife is happy to get all those tools out of the garage

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