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“Cpl. Schellenberg was first inspired to try his hand at crafting a working wooden model of the C7 after he heard a similar story about a soldier serving in Afghanistan. This soldier had apparently decided to carve a rifle out of a piece of wood he had found, using nothing but hand tools. The Reservist has a lot of respect for that unnamed soldier. ‘That takes talent,’ he said. “It was very challenging to make a C7 that can be completely broken down like a real one. Even the accessories—like the blank firing attachment and the hand guards—were almost completely hand carved.”
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5 Responses to “Canadian Soldier Carves Working Wooden Replica of the C7 (M16) Rifle”

  1. TheLazyNecromancer says:

    I wonder how many pieces of this you would be able to use on an Actual C7

  2. bearnguyenson says:


  3. HotSoupzKnives says:

    Hi Reddit!

  4. rutgerman1 says:

    He makes hitmarkers XD

  5. F22PilotArcile says:

    Finally, a wooden gun on YouTube worth praise. I would love to see what else he makes.

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