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Building A Five Dollar Shed Door PART 1

Part 1 of 3 “Building a five dollar shed door”
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20 Responses to “Building A Five Dollar Shed Door PART 1”

  1. old64goat says:

    THANKS !

  2. old64goat says:

    Hi Jerry, I never done windows, glad you got them all in.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. jc6154 says:

    Hello Bill,I enjoyed watching this door project.I just finished putting all new windows in my home.My brother in law helped with all but the last two,Charlene and I installed them Friday.To say the least it was fun. LOL! Take care good friend! Jerry

  4. Barnekkid says:

    This shed/man cave is almost ready for the coming apocalypse. Good work.

  5. old64goat says:

    Thank You very much.

  6. ncautoman57 says:

    Your are a master at building for cheap..Thanks for sharing..Have a great weekend.

  7. old64goat says:

    Thanks, I will say hi to Tommy for you.

  8. old64goat says:

    YES and a lot CHEAPER too.

  9. old64goat says:

    I am glad this video helped you on your up coming project.

  10. old64goat says:

    THANKS Virginia.

  11. old64goat says:

    Thanks Dennis, and Thanks for stopping by.

  12. old64goat says:

    Yea Bill I sure did….LOL

  13. old64goat says:

    Thanks Alejandro.

  14. redismyhair says:

    Great entertainment.Keep’em comin’.Hello Tommy.. !!

  15. aledrums09 says:

    Great job Bill!!! I love yor project videos because you explain everything with a lot of details and i always find myself “stealing” ideas for my own projects.

    Best regards from Argentina.


  16. hillbilly482 says:

    You sure kept the cost down on this build.

  17. wellibee says:

    Good job Bill. I never thought of gluing two pieces together, when the door on my building falls off I’ll replace it with one like yours! I learn something new every time I watch! Dennis

  18. 1952banjo says:

    another great job Bill!

  19. thisisunreal1 says:

    I was wondering how I was going to replace the double doors on my barn shed, both ends, on the cheap. 4 doors at 24″ each. They are now just 1/2″ flake board with lousy frame. This is much better. I’m then going to side the rest of it with my free siding. Siding is brand new cutoffs from a job site I was on. Includes endcaps & all! Shed is 8′x12′ & my “cutoffs” 6′ to 8′ long.

  20. dennisqwertyuiop says:

    good idea for saw gauge that is a very solid door better thad purchased doors

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