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This video shows how to build a drawer box using the Festool Domino Joiner and the RTS Engineering Multi-position Guide Stop (MGS) accessory. The MGS Guide is an accessory for the Domino joiner, and is available at Part 2 of this video is at
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6 Responses to “Building a Drawer with Domino and MGS Guide Part 1 of 2”

  1. williammacdonald357 says:

    Nice set up. Love the vacuum press, it saves time. But it may be time for a new watch bro? Festool?

  2. Semi175 says:

    Looks like you could really use a table saw and skip half the setup.

  3. cplsteel says:

    $18,752 in equipment later, its a drawer!

    Maybe that came out a bit too critical. Festool makes some great stuff, but this was my first time watching an all-Festool shop go to work and it made me giggle a bit. Going from metric to English and back was odd (which occurred a few times). The vacuum clamp is overkill and now that I have seen everything you need to do to get the domino to work on different cuts it lost some of its cool. Thanks for the video, it was helpful.

  4. powertool64 says:

    Don’t be….this 10×10 ft corner is the only part of the workshop that is clean. The rest of it looks like an active minefield. :-)

  5. Bowfinger6383 says:

    I’m jealous of your shop

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