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Watch as Brooke Coe, the Higglytown Heroes Carpenter explains to kids what a carpenter is. But since Higlytown Heroes is for kids, Brooke Coe wasn’t able to use power tools, bummer! A carpenter without powertools? Aw!

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5 Responses to “Brooke Coe is The Higglytown Heroes Carpenter”

  1. richielucasrochester says:

    Wayne:(in spanish) Do you want to play?
    Juanita:(in spanish) Yes, please I do want to play. Thanks.
    Wayne: What did she say?
    Translater hero: She said “Yes, please I do want to play. Thanks.
    All: Hurray!!!!

  2. richielucasrochester says:

    Wayne: “Someone special who could it be?”
    Twinkle: “This job’s too big for you and me.”
    Fran: “We need some help”.
    Kip: “But never fear-o.”
    Eubie: “It looks like a job for a Higglytown Hero.”
    All: “A Higglytown Hero.”

  3. richielucasrochester says:

    Gepetto’s made a little wooden puppet made of Pine!

  4. richielucasrochester says:

    Gepetto from Pinocchio is a carpenter too!

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