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Bosch combi crush trial – Andy’s Story Bosch asked 80 tradesmen to swap their treasured tools for the blue Bosch Professional 18v cordless combi drill. After two weeks they could keep the Bosch, if they crushed their old tool. 90% chose Bosch
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2 Responses to “Bosch combi crush trial – Andy’s Story”

  1. BoschProfessional says:

    You are entitled to your opinion. All the crushed tools have been recycled and the components and materials will be reused.

  2. learnerlearns says:

    This is the stupidest promotional idea ever. Why is it necessary to crush the old tool when it is still serviceable? What a sickening waste.

    GIVE the tool to someone who needs it. Gather old tools together and give them en mass to people in developing countries. Use the old tools to teach kids trade skills…

    Do ANYTHING but needlessly destroy a working tool.

    This is stupid, wasteful and does NOT make me want to buy Bosch products.
    Sack your ad campaign manager and remove these videos.

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