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Many companies selling M4 and AR variants today try to sell a carbine or rifle that may be suitable for plinking cans, shooting gophers etc. but will not hold up to the standards required for hard use and long life with a high round count. Few companies meet the criteria lined out in the TDP of which Colt and FN abide. Bravo Company is one of the very few companies producing carbines and rifles that meet this standard. Others are Daniel Defense, LMT, Noveske. Companies that have been proven to not meet this standard of critical criteria are DPMS, Rock River, Bushmaster and Olympic Arms. Now before you freak out, they do work for what most people use them for. The fact is, they do not have many if not any of the criteria outlined here. Using the analytics feature, it has become quite apparent that this video has found itself emailed among many individuals at both DPMS, STAG and other brands I forego recommending here. It is also apparent that many internet trolls from either these companies or friends of, have taken it upon themselves to write vitriolic, emotional and zealous comments that border on insane ramblings, defending these brands and accusing me of being ignorant of the M4 platform. These comments will no longer be posted, so do not even waste your time. I suggest you spend the time improving your product line. What I had to address with some individuals: Bushmaster has refused to release any information or certifications regarding materials, specs, etc

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25 Responses to “Before You Buy A M4 or AR-15 Know Your Facts”

  1. MrGARKER says:

    Shop smart, shop S-MART

  2. DennyDucet says:

    Get the chamber and head space checked to be certain.

  3. larsjake says:

    I have a cheapo Olympic arms AR and it has been very good to me. Unless I fire large amounts of steel ammo out of it, it never jams. The upper has a grip up to the sight and the handle, I like the plain AR look. Just still am up and out about the 5.56 vs .223 thing….it says printed on it that it can handle 5.56 and .223…..any thoughts since I have heard every which way that it can only handle .223

  4. TexF18 says:

    I bought a stag arms 3gl upper it has a m16 bolt carrier group and all the other bells and wistles standard. You can get stags that are mil spec its 100 dollars more its called the plus package for the carbines.

  5. CajunMarine33445 says:

    I have quite a few BCM AR-15s they are hands down the best carbines out there.

  6. Ratten Krieg says:

    Ever an issue with DPMS?
    Just bought a Sprotical, everything seems good, chrome-lined etc..
    Less steel on the BCG of course, seems like a quality weapon..
    Of course I carried an M4 stowed in my M1 most of the time..
    never had an issue..

  7. DennyDucet says:

    @ WASPfreak -You’re right, MARSOC, SOCOM, DEVGRU/CRANE and the SEALS, Marines, FALLA, LAMB, VICKERS, HALEY, COSTA, and the entire US military for the past 65 years has made a terrible mistake. The only people that have malfunctions with true to spec M4 carbines, are so F’N retarded, they shouldn’t be around guns to begin with.

  8. keithallenlaw says:

    I keep putting off getting an AR, because honestly, every time I go to the range the guys with AR’s are always working on them. They must have low budget rigs. I’m guessing you have to spend a couple grand to get a flawless rig that works and doesn’t jam. So when the day comes to buy an AR, I want to spend what it takes to get a good build. Good video man! Thanks!

  9. mrkelseykenny says:

    Awesome video;Question”s Will the AR15 have spirals&lands like the 16?And is their anything to look for in quality or OEM as far as rear adjustable wind-age and front adjustable elevation?And I believe the word or process for stress or hairline fractures is Magnaflux;Use”s neg ground and positive charge with metal dust and infrared light to help locate any fractures.Please correct me if I”m in error! Thank you!

  10. themoj0 says:

    Good vid man. My Spikes Tactical SL15 met all of the points you made, except one. I couldnt see the buffer stamp on mine, cuz of the spikes spider logo :) hehe

  11. DennyDucet says:

    Taking my KNS pins off the COLT. Ordered a Geissele SSA LARGE PIN for it. Mmmmmmm. Best trigger on earth.

  12. DennyDucet says:


  13. pab5000 says:

    I have a Spike’s Tactical also and mine is staked properly at the gas key and the castle nut. You should contact Spike’s and let them take care of the problem.

  14. DennyDucet says:

    different spelling.

  15. DennyDucet says:

    Yeah, I never really died.

  16. DennyDucet says:

    Not a fan. Do a “search” on M4C- M4carbine (d*t) Net and read for yourself. Thanks. Too much to right here. They are ok, but the piston is a flawed concept of which I may do a video.

  17. DennyDucet says:

    You can always re-stake the key. Look that up. Or have a pro do it. Daniel Defense is awesome. You are making a great carbine.

  18. EvilKratos89 says:

    So what do you think of LWRC?

  19. DennyDucet says:


  20. Sacreppin916 says:

    wow this was extremely helpful. I have a spikes tactical build and of course I do not know the metals used but my gas key isnt properly staked. just bought a another spikes lower today and buying all Daniel defense lower parts kits, buffer tube kit, and an m4v5 upper so hopefully this will all meet this criteria for the price I paid!

  21. RockyMountainPrepper says:

    Solid analysis. Eff the haters.

  22. Spitative says:

    Denny Ducet… From Grey’s Anatomy?

  23. Conservativearmyguy says:

    Yankee Hill Machine makes a very well built AR, it’s put together better than my rack M4 right out of the box. I spoke with their rep & went over what I expected out of a rifle & they delivered. We run live fire drills on our property all the time & our rifles get in the mud & swamp & haven’t failed us.

  24. DennyDucet says:

    I have presented facts from industry experts, sourced from reputable data and government. Please source yours rather than saying, “false”. Also please reveal your experience with the M4 platform, whether you are actually an operator or not, and whether you represent one of the brands mentioned. Please explain.

  25. ThePittsburgerify says:


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