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Add a drawer to your work bench 1 2 3

Easy way to add a drawer to your work bench or anywhere else.
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5 Responses to “Add a drawer to your work bench 1 2 3”

  1. monosurge says:

    Fantastic tutorial and just what I was looking for! Thanks!

  2. FWI356 says:

    Very nice came out great. Really basic but a great idea for work bench drawers.
    Thanks, for posting.

    Take Care, MIchael Frey

  3. MisterSoul99 says:

    If you mean the drawer box, just use the paneling on the bottom to square it up. No need to get fancy, just glue and nail it to the bottom, the drawer guide will cover the bottom edge anyway.

  4. 76Trailduster says:

    Thanks for this! You are right, all my buddies and I have the 2×4 and plywood workbenches. This will help me a great deal.

  5. Lois Laney says:

    That is great! I will have to try that sometime. I know that making a box can be harder then it looks to come out square. I usually buy the cheaper cut of wood so not always straight. lol Your table saw is so quiet.

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